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Why am I writing an Autobiography?

  • An account of a person’s life written by that person.
  • Such writing as a literary genre
  • I want to write a life story that is very much unbelivable in parts, fairytail in others, tragic in some but ultimately has led me to the place I am today. I am not a writer, author, publisher or anything else to do with the media, and everything that comes into my head will be jotted down in a Karl Pilkington kind of way. This may not get many fans in the english literacy circles but ultimately I am doing this to get everything out of my head and on to paper.
    The dates and times cannot be accurate but my feelings and recollections of the moments in my life are. Im 33 years old now and I cannot remember the minor things like what I’ve had for dinner last week, but I can remember the road that led me here now.
    Once again apologies for any grammatical errors, actually im not apologising, I want this to be a fast flowing story that has come out of my head straight onto the keyboard that lays in front.
    There will be no editing or changing what is written because everything is polished and I want this to be as raw as possible, spelling mistakes and all.
    If you do somehow manage to stumble across this you are privaliged. I am not writing this for you but for me.
    Phill Palmer x

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