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Working from Home to Restore the Work Life Balance

As working parent, life can be tough. You can leave as early as 6 am, work until late at night, and barely have time to see your kids. It’s tough on you, your partner, and your children. And, from my experience, there are a lot of parents – those in work and those at home – who wish things could be different. I’ve had a home -based business previously at it could be your perfect solution. You get to earn a crust, spend more time at home, and, with a little luck, you could enjoy some success. So, if you are suffering from exhaustion at work and sadness that you are missing your kids’ early years, should you give it a try? The risk No one can be 100% certain that quitting their job and starting a business will be a wise move. There is a multitude of things you’ll need to consider, from setting up and making it happen to the impact on your finances. You’ll need a strong idea of what to sell – and a robust business plan to guide you through the early stages. Plus, of course, it’s unlikely to be possible to quit work today and start selling tomorrow. There will be a few months ahead of where you will have to work, set up a business, and do your share of childcare. That is a lot of pressure, and although it might pay off in the end, you can expect your exhaustion levels to increase significantly. The investment Setting up a home-based business for success is going to cost you money. Let’s assume that you have an idea for selling work wear to companies that operate in your current industry. You’ll need to pay for a high-quality website, first and foremost. Then there will be the investment in specialist work wear ERP software. You will have to outsource work to other experts, too – an SEO expert, for example. And, of course, you will have to invest in stock. Not only will this cost you money, but you’ll need somewhere to keep it al. The corner of your garage might be OK to start off, but bulky items like clothing may require external storage – and yet more expense. The discipline One of the biggest issues with working from home is that work and personal time tend to bleed into each other. If you are doing this to achieve a better work-life balance, it’s not ideal. It can be hard to separate your home business from family life, and you’ll find that something still has to give on both counts. If you lack discipline, it’s all too easy to allow distractions. But if you spend all day and night working, your family won’t benefit from having you at home. However, with a strict schedule and a focus on efficiency, it’s possible to manage your time well, so you get the best of both worlds.   The conclusion While working in a job can take you away from your family more than you would like, it can also happen when you have a home business. You will find you spend a lot of hours planning, scheduling, and enforcing strict limits on your time. And, of course, there is no guarantee of success. Throw in the lack of job security, and some people may find making the switch from corporate worker to business owner a little too risky. But, if you have the nerve, drive, and passion for it, all you need is some good luck! ]]>

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