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Dad Style not Dead Style

Once you have kids, it’s hard to stay cool. Maybe the issue is just that your way of being cool changes. Once upon a time, you were able to deal with hangovers without saying a word, and you made the best mixtapes known to mankind. These days, your coolest qualities are probably the ability to fold up a pram in less than twenty seconds and possessing a sixth sense that enables you to reach out and prop your baby up the exact moment she’s about to topple over sideways. It’s a great life but sometimes the new you is hard to come to terms with. One way to feel good about yourself is to keep stylish. Here are some tips to help you do that… Buy Clothes Online No one likes awkwardly trying on jeans in a fitting room. The neon lights make everyone look terrible and if you’ve got a family it’s hard to justify popping out for a couple of hours to look at shirts before returning with a face like thunder because the shopping centre dared to be full of people. That’s why you should buy your clothes online instead. You can spend time trying them on and moving around to make sure they’re comfortable without the eagle eye of a shop assistant on you, and then you can post the things you don’t want back, usually free of charge. Easy. Look At Celebrities For Tips No one’s saying you have to model your hair on Nick Grimshaw’s or attempt to track down a pair of Kanye’s trainers. But you can pick up style tips from the celebrities you see in the papers. Look at David Beckham and work out why exactly he looks good – is it the distressed leather boots, the well-fitting jeans, the casual jacket, or all of the above? Once you work out what you think makes other people look good, you can start incorporating those factors into your own look. Being A Dad Doesn’t Mean You Have To Dress Like Your Dad Was your dad a pipe and slippers sort of bloke? Tie on a Saturday, that sort of thing? Either that or he had a dodgy socks-with-sandals thing going on that you’re not desperate to emulate. A lot of us are trying to not look like our dads but at the same time it’s important to make sure you don’t look like you’re auditioning to replace Zayn in One Direction. The key to this is to buy well-fitting classic clothes. Good quality jeans, hoodies, jackets and shirts will never go out of style. Spending a little more might seem like a pain but it’s a good idea to invest in high quality clothes. Not only will they never look stupid but it’ll give you a reason to stay fit and trim – and it’ll mean they won’t wear out so you won’t have to go shopping again for a while. Ask Your Wife For Help She knows. She’s the one who spends most of her life looking at you, and chances are, her taste is better than yours. If you’re uncertain about something you’ve purchased, ask for her opinion. Not only will she be right, but she loves you enough to give you the truth in a way that won’t hurt. I’m lucky to have a 14 year old too so I can make sure I’ve always got a second opinion too :)]]>

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