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Why dads don't babysit!

This is a complete and utter joke and one which needs to stop! Why is it that when you have a night in with your child alone, be it mums had a well deserved break or there could be a work or family thing, dad alone is classed as babysitting duties. Mothers aren’t babysitting if we go to the pub so why is it different if they venture out? We don’t live in a stereotypical 1940s household anymore where women are the doormat. We need to respect what they do to get some back. If we don’t start respecting the work that women do and stop undermining the normal duties required to look after our offspring, we’ll never be respected for the great things we do as dads. I talk about off hand comments like:

“Your leaving her with daddy tonight, hope she’s ok”
“You going to be alright looking after her on your own, where is your wife going that’s so important?”
It’s this level of poppycock that’s harming relationships as equals and forcing gender inequality in the household. Mrs P has the main share of baby responsibilities Monday to Friday there’s no doubt about that. I do as much as possible to help when I’m home from work especially at the weekends when Dorothy and I go on our 8am Asda trips so Mrs P can get some well earned rest knowing all is well. Don’t let yourself get confused. We’re all part of this together, equally working to raise healthy well rounded baby and teenager, to respect themselves and the roles that we both play as parents.   I posted those two quotes on the Dad Network Facebook Page and asked if they’d experienced the same. Just listen to some of the shocking comments: I’ve had ‘you’re a good dad’ when I take my kids to the park. Talk about a low bar. We’ve got to expect more of dads to get more, better dads! I get called a ‘hero’ for having my kids on my days off. Makes me a die a little inside every time to think why people think that. ? “So you’re lumbered with babysitting duties are you?” I got that over the weekend – so I may have got passive-aggressive and replied “Indeed I am. I don’t know how my ex does it, it’s almost too much for me. I think I deserve a sit-down from all this babysitting which I do for my daughter. Maybe someone will call the Nobel Prize Committee and explain how I have earned one of their prizes for services to ‘babysitting my daughter in an appropriate manner according to people who should keep their sexist opinions to themselves”   As you can see it’s disrespectful and I for one am making a stand! Dads do stuff for their children because they want to and don’t be surprised!]]>