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How to Make a Breakfast Cupcake

I’m really sorry for this because breakfast will never be the same again! Picture the scene, paternity leave, clean house, exhausted wife, sleeping baby, dad with no idea what life outside work is like on a weekday! You get the scene. Now I saw paternity leave as my time to ensure my wife is fit and able to be able to support all of the needs of our breast fed baby. So making sure she’s fed was the most important factor. So I like bacon! There I said it. I like bacon with everything and it was about 10:30 one morning and the house was all mine. I wanted a bacon omelette but the pan was in this dishwasher so I looked around for what I could use to cook it in. That’s when I discovered the extra large silicone cupcake moulds and my brain went into overdrive! What if I make the omelette in the cupcake mould! What if I use the bacon to create a case to cook the omelette in, inside the cupcake cases! Brilliant. Now I popped some bread in the toaster and whipped up a 2 egg omelette with a splash of milk and loads of black pepper. I trimmed most of the fat from the bacon as it wasn’t going to add anything nice and buttered the silicone. Cut strips for the edges and a small square to sit in the bottom which again I butter the gaps. Pouring the omelette to leave enough space at the top for expansion, I settled the meaty beauties into the oven my favourite number 220! I can’t remember exactly how long they were in for but I needed to do more toast as the original was cold. I think approx. 20mins and I used a meat thermometer to a knife to check they were done. IMG_2102Now look at the picture, just add sauce and it’s an amazing concoction of meat, omelette and badness! Easy to make, easy to clean just make sure you have enough for everyone.]]>

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