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I Love Good Food – Too Much

Corporate Dad loves his BurgersLook at my Instagram account and tell me it’s not great! Some of the burgers, pizzas and briskets are out of this world. Just look at this burger, that’s a special from one of our local restaurant/creative kitchen Courtyard in Wigan. A back street eatery that’s not known by the locals that do the same route every day, it was one that was found by a man and his wife in search of more. More is what we found and it was the Sons of Anarchy range that brought us into the fold. It was the pizza fries that got us to stay, and it was the oreo cheesecake that made us bring all of our friends here.

Local cafe serving up a pizza burger! What has this world come to #amazing @courtyardwigan #genius #breakfast #dinner and #tea

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You see that’s the most excited I’ve been all day and it’s about a restaurant in Wigan! When I moved up North I was 15 stone, 6ft 3ins hunk of a man. OK 2 out of the 3 are correct. Having injured my shoulder when I was 19, add 7 years of gym, squash and golf to the mix and you’ve got a F**KED up back! Yep, really. Add 50,000 miles of driving per year for two years into the grinder and you’ve really got issues. It didn’t matter how many hours of chiropractic treatment or physio that I had to help I couldn’t go back to the Phill I was. Now this is sad because I loved the gym, I loved the freedom it gave me to choose what I looked like. I had a fast metabolism so I could train hard and eat/drink harder! My body has now piled on the pounds and no matter what I’ve tried exercise causes me serious stress on my bones, joints and ligaments. Sciatica is a regular occurance even when I’ve performed low impact sports like swimming. One over problems is I’m competitive. Having been a professional golfer where first is first and second is last, I do try very hard. Too hard! In a ideal world, Mrs P would be a chiropractor that could work for free and I’d have a buddy to help me train. In reality I’ve got XBOX fitness and a Yorkie! So food isn’t the issue, it’s the lack of exercise, but look at this amazing food! [gallery link="file" orderby="rand" ids="9330,9329,9326,9325,9322,9321,541,436,428,447"]]]>

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