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Changing the baby in the ladies

Becoming a dad opens up your eyes to a lot of things. Like how hard labour is, how breast feeding can be frowned upon by single minded idiots which in turn makes mothers anxious (Like really in 2016?) and also how some companies feel it’s acceptable to only put a baby changing in the women’s loos! In a country where our next prime minister is going to female, where gender equality is championed at the highest levels of parliament and corporations, you feel it’s acceptable to 1: Not give the dads somewhere to change the baby and 2:Imply that it’s the job of the little women indoors. For the places where there’s a baby change outside of the ladies it’s generally in the disabled which isn’t too bad because at least there’s a place I can look after my baby girl. I don’t like changing nappies, I just want to put it out there however I want to be able to change Dorothy if we’re out and she needs me. For a baby is dependant on their mothers for so many things and this one thing that we can do and feel love or should be easy and not a chore. Now I’m sure there’s dads and mums out there thinking what is this bloke going on about it’s only changing a nappy. But it really isn’t just changing a nappy. Time with my daughter is precious and I leave in the morning when she’s asleep and get back when it’s either bed time or the crazy time before when she’s fighting it. So the time we spend together at the weekends I shouldn’t feel inferior. So companies please do me and all the other dads who give a shit about shit a favour, cut the inequality and give us somewhere to be fathers who care! And while you’re at it! Give em a f**kin clean aswell, especially if they’re in a disabled toilet that’s used by the local wino.]]>

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