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What can babies teach us? The joys of #laughter

So it’s 6 months along and Dorothy is coming on leaps and bounds. Picking up new skills which includes self weaning (So she’s also picking up lots of things) but most of all, her personality is developing.

image I find everyone has an opinion of young babies from “OMG do you ever sleep, she must cry all the time, I’d never have one!” to “My ovaries just exploded she’s so fricking cute!” and various others somewhere between on the spectrum. I think my reply is generally yes she cries and it’s hard work but you couldn’t imagine the feeling when she bursts out laughing. It can start because of my funny face, or I hurt myself or I just generally do something amazing!

Remember, babies have no scales of comparison. We’re the best singers and the funniest comedians that did ever roam the earth (She’s not old enough to watch the amazing Bill Murray yet!) It makes me think how innocent her life is. She’s not been desensitised by TV or the social norm, she’s loving funny moments and crying when her basic needs aren’t met. There’s no pretention or desire to stand out it’s about getting along. So yes it’s hard work to raise a baby and make sure their every needs are met. But if I can get 1 second of laughter it’s all worth it.

image Take a leaf out of Dottie’s book. Laugh a little.

Stop the pretention, the conformity or social norm and just laugh your tits off! It’s amazing how it feels and as you can see from the collection of pictures, it’s bloody awesome and infectious! image So pick up a joke book, watch a bad but funny film, youtube Tim Vine (ok maybe just me) and let yourself be the innocent child again. Even if just for a moment. P.s, if you can’t find anything here’s a few suggestions to help you: ]]>

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