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Shaving Away the Weekend

As the blog name suggests I’m juggling the corporate and family life and never shall the two meet. Or something like that. Most of its bs but it’s true that I must look and act a certain way. Working in client management I need to be smart and presentable which includes a full beard or none at all. Unfortunalty I wasn’t graced the beard growing skills of Lion so the full beard option is always off the cards. Can't grow a full beard From Friday morning till Monday morning it’s roaming free beard. My baby loves to play with it and Mrs P thinks I look rugged ggrrrrrr. But every Monday it had to go. So when I got the opportunity to get my hands of a Cornerstone Box to review I just couldn’t turn it down. Cornerstone Shaving Subscription It arrived quicker than I expected and I was amazed firstly at the packaging and secondly at how Cornerstone really wanted me to have an experience. From the how to guides and mini magazine to the engraved Razor. Cornerstone Shaving Kit review Unpacking there’s pre face scrub. Shaving Foam. After Cooling Lotion Theres of course a razor and a shief of spare heads to see you through 2 months if your a Monday to Friday shaver like me. Reading through the literature told me exactly what I needed to do to achieve the perfect shave. There’s also material on the pricing plans for Cornerstone and how based on your shaving habits, they can automatically send you boxes with no postage. image So after having a shower my pores were as open as a kebab shop next to red lion at kicking out time. I had my black looking volcanic rock exfoliate in my hand and after a few scrubs quickly transformed into Desperate Dan. (I’d never felt so manly) I’ve used exfoliation products before and this was rough. Real gritty and I could feel it digging deep especially since I had a golf sunburnt face. Quick rinse and wipe with a towel and it’s shave cream next. Shaving away the family beard Amount wise I used a large pea sized amount then had to use a smaller blob for the tash. Experiment but remember its easier to put more on. Using the razor was a dream, I’m not sure if it was the shave preparation or the quality of the razor but my facial hair didn’t stand a chance. Quick swoops and whole lines were gone and clean to the skin. I washed the blades after every pass and it wasn’t easy to get clean as my beard was quite long but results showed. David Brent Beard #Shaving Having watched Ricky Gervais as David Brent on Friday night I thought it try a classic Brent goatee. Views? Haha. So after a few more Zorroesq moves with the grain of course, my face is now washed again and dried ready for the cooling lotion. Baby Face Post ShaveHere’s a picture of my baby face after the shave 🙂 Im not sure if it’s the closeness of the shave or the preparation but the balm really got to work closing up the pores. There’s a little sting but nothing quite “Home Alone” and the cooling effect of the balm was great. Overall it’s a top razor and package which I’ll put on my wish list from the Mrs. I’m normally the one overusing blades as I complain at the costs of replacements. If I could have a service that made me change and was reasonably priced I may actually grow a better beard and then not need them 🙂 Engraved Razor Quality product, really fantastic user experience opening the boxes and a great overall package.   Ive been given suggestions of using an old badger hair brush to help with the shaving cream, but I’m convinced it will make the shave better. So for now Cornerstone you’ve done a great job and one I’m happy to endorse. The lovely team at Cornerstone have offered readers £10 off there first order with code BLOGGER10. Enjoy : https://www.cornerstone.co.uk]]>

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