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#Pokemon for Adults – #GeoCache – #GeoCreche

Today’s been an eye opener. We’ve been to fellow NCT friend’s “Welcoming to the World” party for their twins and as we’re putting the world to rights, the words GeoCaching come up. Now normally I wouldn’t know what this term means but thanks to a conversation on a well known Dad support group, I’m aware that it’s like “Pokemon for Adults”. So after a quick conversation, a visit to the GeoCaching bible – https://www.geocaching.com/play, we now have an app installed and aware of a “Stash” only 100 metres down the road. Having two restless babies we decide to go take a look and talk the children for a walk. I had no idea how intense and popular this sport? hobby? craft? is. It is ridiculous and there’s apparently 2 milion registered hidden treasures. From my limited knowledge, you create your own cache (A storage container with a log paper for names) and hide it. Now the app was great at giving a rough indication of where the cache is, but it’s the extra info that makes the difference. Geo Caching in the UK Just look at how many there are in Leyland a town not too far from me! So you sign up to the app with your Facebook account, pick the closest cache and look at the directions and extra info.

Just imagine yourself as Challenge Anneker where you’re looking for crazy treasures!

The one we had was an easy find and the description was it’s near the church and easy drive by! So after walking up and past the graveyard of this beautiful church there’s a big metal gate near the road. So we’re looking for about 20 mins and finally find what looks like an camera film box, like the one you’d drop off at Boots the chemist for some snappy snaps from your trip to southend with nanna P. Our Find from GeoCache UK What a wonder! To think that there’s 2million things hidden and there’s a treasure hunt with the app to find them. Amazing and definetly tweaked my curiosity. Inside there’s a log of community usernames and I can clearly say that CorporateDad is now on that list. GeoCache LogIt’s been an awesome find and the whole thing was amazing. There’s a sense of suprise to it all and a large community of support. You then check in on the app to say you’ve found it and leave some comments. The comments are great, all complimentary and provide an ongoing log of the activity of someone’s cache. I’ll definetly be putting one together so add another dot to Wigan’s map. Dottie enjoyed herself as she loves walks in Nature and I got some more time walking and increasing my fitness just a little bit. GeoCreche I do however propose that we start the #GeoCreche for dads that Geo Cache. What do you think?          ]]>


  1. Zoë IKIWN Reply

    How great is this?! I have a fair few friends who are into GeoCaching, apparently people even leave little gifts in the containers sometimes too which I think is really sweet. I’m constantly being told off for playing Pokemon Go at my age, but the appeal of the two are very similar and I can totally see why you’ve drawn the parallel! x

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