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Full Loaded Easy Peasy Jacket Skins

Here’s my skins choices:

  • Standard Potato, Ham, Cheese, Spring Onion and Pesto
  • Sweet Potato and Chilli Beef
  • Standard Potato, Mushy Peas, Yoghurt, Cheese topped with Salmon.
Ingredients Four Jacket Potatoes, Two Sweet Potatoes, Small Packet of Sandwich Ham, Two Storks of Spring Onion, Tsp Pesto, 2 handfuls of Grated Cheese, Tin of Shop Chilli Beef, Tin of Mushy Peas, 2Tsps of Natural Yoghurt and enough Salmon Strips to cover Three Skins.   How to Make: Fully Loaded Jacket Skins - EasySo first get your spuds on the go! We need 2* 3 1/2s of white and 1 1/2 of sweet potato. Put them on a baking tray, set the flavour free with lashings of olive oil, pepper and salt. Be liberal! 200c and 1 hour in the oven.   Standard Potato, Ham, Cheese, Spring Onion and Pesto How to Make: Fully Loaded Jacket Skins - Easy Half two of the white potatoes and scoop out three of the innerds. Keep one half to the side for the next option. I used sandwich ham as it’s all we had in but I can imagine ham hock will work better but cut them ham into small pieces. Mix a handful of cheese with the ham, two storks of spring onion and a teaspoon of pesto. Mash together in a plastic bowl and carefully spoon back into the three empty potato skins. Put them back on to the tray. Wash out the bowl and spoon. Sweet Potato and Chilli Beef How to Make: Fully Loaded Jacket Skins - Easy You can make your own chilli for this but I used a tin from the supermarket. Stick it into a bowl and microwave for a minute. I used about half a jar for three skins. Half the two sweet potatoes and I kept one half for Dottie’s dinner. Scoop the potato from the other three halves and mix with the warmed chilli beef. Spoon back into the potato skins. Standard Potato, Mushy Peas, Natural Yoghurt, Cheese topped with Salmon. How to Make: Fully Loaded Jacket Skins - Easy I just need to say I’m the only one that likes mushy peas in our house. So this was a surprise for the family to see what they think. Take a tin of mushy peas and drain some liquid off. I used about two tbl spoons full and used a handful of grated cheese. There’s two teaspoons of natural yoghurt there as well. Using the half left over from earlier and the two halves you just cut 🙂 mix it all together in a bowl. Scoop it all back in to the halves. How to Make: Fully Loaded Jacket Skins - EasySo you’re left with 9 skins all loaded and a half a skin of sweet potato for the baby. Completely cover in pepper! Because I love it. img_5770Pop the 9 skins back into the oven at 100c for about 20 mins. How to Make: Fully Loaded Jacket Skins - EasyYou’ll want to toast them for the last 4 mins, stick the grill on and add extra cheese if you want. img_5772 I had some mushy peas left over which got heated up for Dottie, a spoonful of mushy/yoghurt/peas mix and the half of sweet potato. How to Make: Fully Loaded Jacket Skins - EasyFinish off the mushy potato with some flakes of salmon over the top and a wedge of lemon. Enjoy and uncover how you can create cool food for less than £10 with a number of tatties, salmon, peas and chilli left over for a rainy day 🙂  ]]>


  1. WonderfullyBookish Reply

    These look amazing! My favourite ones are just simple cheese and bacon. I’m hungry now!

  2. Elanor Reply

    Yum! Skins are always my first choice in restaurants, but I should probably learn to cook them at home too! 🙂

  3. fashion-mommy Reply

    I just love a little cheese and onion in my loaded skins, but like the idea of chilli beef.

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