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UK Daddy Blogger or Father Blogger

What am I? I’m a member of The Dad Network, I’m going to be running the Local Dad Meetups in Central Manchester, I blog on here as CorporateDad, I have an NCT WhatsApp group and I strongly support fellow dads.

So what am I?

Who Am I - Dad BloggerAs a blogger there’s Tots groups, various networks and pages dedicated to categorising every site into a box and I’m not sure where I fit. I don’t like the term Daddy blogger at the moment, Father blogger sits nicer with me as Daddy makes it seem light hearted but it’s not as popular as it doesn’t sound as cool. You see being a Daddy to me is all the fun stuff but being a Father is so much more. 1468703427I have three girls in my life, Mrs P, my step daughter Bethany and daughter Dottie. I’m not Beth’s Daddy, she has someone that she calls Dad and I fully respect that and however hard it’s been, it’s had to be that way for her. However name aside I’m everything else and so much more as a Father. There’s no love difference between the girls and while there’s only a small handful of images on here of Beth it’s through a teenage desire not to have pictures taken rather than a conscious choice. So where do I go and what do I do? I want to keep writing as open and free so do I reluctantly push myself into a niche and hope that I fit in or do I open myself to everything and hope I don’t spread myself too thin. All I know is that I love writing my thoughts down whatever they are and however they come out. Whether I’m a Daddy Blogger, Husband Writer or whatever you want to call it. I’m not going to stop and I’m going to embrace the networks of other avid bloggers and writers with open arms. Until I find my belonging I’ll carry on supporting fellow dads, writing randomness and enjoying life. Phill – Corporate Dad x]]>

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