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Early Years Nutrition Partnership – Going to Parliament

Ensuring that Dorothy has the best start to life in terms of experiences, her health and wellbeing is what Mrs P, Bethany and I strive to do everyday. We let her experience life. She’s taken to the farm, she’s meeting new people, she’s going to baby sensory and mixing with fellow babies. Dottie’s enjoying what everyday life has for her. One of us are with her everyday and we can control her environment-stop her putting little hands where they shouldn’t go, clean away spills and prepare what she eats (or makes a mess with). But what will happen when it’s time for nursery or another Early Years setting with out us? We’ve all heard about the Jamie Oliver push for healthy meals in schools. That doesn’t help us or Dorothy at this stage. If children aren’t given the nutrition they need in early years settings surely the damage is done. I have a very strong opinion on this and I think it goes back to my youth and the choices that I was given both at school and at home. You see, in the 80s home there was a much needed move away from moulds filled with moussed (insert name of meat/fish/vegetable here.)  This created a rise in popularity of main stream tv meals, grey frozen everything and the emergence of chains such as McDonalds, Wimpy and Burger King. Now I can’t complain about the meals I had in my home. We didn’t understand nutrition and no one in my family was educated on cooking with more than flavour in mind. I think the litmus test for meals was “is it hot and does it fill you up?” My views haven’t really changed since. I still use the same litmus test with maybe an added “does it have meat?” question. However Mrs P and I are educated and that isn’t how we want our girls to see food. If we can make a difference now it will have a life long positive impact. So here’s the announcement! early-years-nutrition-partnership Being a blogger is a journey that has only just begun. However, I’m very excited to have been asked if I’d like to be involved with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership! AMAZING! Their aim is to bring young children brighter futures through better nutrition! What more can you say. The partnership is led by nutritionalists aimed at working with nurseries and other early years settings to ensure your children, nieces, nephews and those of your friends, are given everything they need to have a brighter future. After speaking with their representatives, I was amazed at the comments regarding what I’m doing here with CorporateDad. As a daddy blogger they invited me to go along with them to Parliament and represent  dads out there on the 25th of October! Woo Parliament! For me if I can help make a difference, whether it’s supporting a fellow dad, arranging a Dad Network meetup or now, supporting a partnership, to help shape the futures of young ones. What a privilege this is, I’m going to parliament and all because I write about what I love and care about to help protect the little ones I love and care about. I’ll keep you all updated with what’s happening and lots of pictures If you’d like to ask their experts any questions on nutrition click on the image below and wish me luck in Parliament! nutritionquestions]]>


  1. Cassandra Mayers Reply

    Sounds great! its a great topic to support and write about. I think all parents worry about if they are giving their child nutrition. Im a great believer of everything in moderation. But when my nearly 2 year old got offered a jelly baby on the train I must admit I cringed and though no. She isn’t ready for those just yet.

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