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Men and Shoes! Choose right

Being a man of the corporate world, I’ve got a number of pairs of shoes including Meeting shoes that just come out for, you guessed it, meetings. With a new addition we’re running out of space in our house and I think I may have too many shoes? While most women feel like they need shoes in every colour and style imaginable, men are generally creatures of simpler tastes but I’m an exception to the rule. For lads who care about what you put on your feet, here’s a little guide to help out whatever the situation: Casual Wear A few pairs of trainers, Toms, Vans, Converse or something else. These are your easy to wear shoes that go with your casual, evening and weekend outfits. Whether it’s jeans, cargo pants, chinos- whatever you usually go for choose shoes to match. You can look put together while still keeping it casual by choosing a good quality pair, and by keeping them clean and in good condition. Gym Time! (sometimes) A pair of trainers for the gym is another important pair of shoes in the average man’s wardrobe. Choose a pair that properly supports your feet, have good ventilation and give you adequate grip. If you usually stick to a specific sport then you will of course choose accordingly, for example it could be running shoes or football boots. With bad back, decent footwear insoles will make them extra comfortable and help reduce impact injury. For Work These could be very smart, or more on the casual side depending on the nature of your work. But a pair of shoes that match the rest of your work attire is essential. If your job involves you being on your feet for a lot of the day, you’ll need to find a pair that is comfortable and supportive. Since these are the shoes that you’ll probably have on most often, it’s worth spending a little extra here. Even if they are ‘just for work.’ For Special Events Whenever an invite for a wedding, christening or other formal party drops through your door- these are your go-to shoes. They should always be kept in excellent condition, free of scuffs and scrapes. Take them to a shoe repair shop whenever they need it, to keep the heels and soles at their best. For Walking Whether you go on family hikes or just take your dog on long walks, a pair of walking boots are a good thing to own. If you live in a place that gets very muddy, find a waterproof pair or you could opt for Wellington boots instead. For Working Outside Finally, there’s always place for one well-loved scruffy pair of shoes in a man’s wardrobe. These are the kind of thing that your wife will probably groan at and tell you to throw away, but they’re actually quite useful. If you need to go outside and do any gardening or DIY, clear out the garage or shed or do anything that requires getting a bit messy you can throw these on. It prevents you from wearing and ruining another pair of shoes!   Whatever the situation, make sure you’ve got a pair that work!]]>


  1. Chris Brice Reply

    I keep the meeting/wedding shoes in my desk drawer….mainly cos I’m pushing my luck; 3 brown pairs at home before you count other types, oops!

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