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Top Tips to Balance the Family Books

I read a report recently that states, the average child costs over £200,000 to raise them from a baby until their 21. That’s nearly £10k a year. Now I’m not sure how/where they got that cost from but wow! With nursery costs rising, its important for parents to earn as much money as they can. Of course, the easiest way to earn some extra cash is to ask your boss for a pay rise, but if this is out of the question, here are some unique ideas to earn some extra cash for their family or just save some:     Grow fruit and vegetables More people than ever are growing their own fruit and vegetables in their garden. After all, it ensures there are no pesticides, and they are a lot healthier for your family. Therefore, if there is space in your garden, you should consider growing your own fruit and vegetables. For one thing, your family can start eating healthier and save money on your grocery bill. And also, you could also start selling them and making some extra cash. To start with, it might just be to friends and family for some extra cash. But if it goes well, you could even consider getting a stall where you sell them outside of work hours! You may even be able to sell them direct to retailers to earn some extra money!   Use those Resistant Materials Lessons If you are great at creating things, you should consider doing some woodworking in your extra time. We’ve had a number of Annie Sloan’d bits and pieces as well as a gorgeous toy box as a gift for Dorothy. There are many different woodworking projects you can make which you could sell online. Items such as cabinets and book cases could easily be sold online for some extra cash. Remember you will need to get all the essential tools such as saws for the wood, and if you’re adverse to nails, Henkel pur glue is a must to bind the furniture together. For more tips on starting a woodworking business check this site out.    Go freelance in your particular field I’m not talking about the local park, pick what you do well and do it as a contractor or self employed. You might be surprised to find out that one in two workers in the UK will be freelancing by 2020! After all, it’s a convenient way to earn some cash in your spare time. Therefore, you should consider doing some freelancing if only for a few times a month. That extra cash will pay dividends. For example, if you are a specialist in HR, you might want to help out a company with their job hunting for a short period. Therefore, advertise your skills on sites such as Upwork and People Per Hour to find short-term jobs to build up your money. And as this feature explains, word of mouth is important to help you achieve more work! You could even create a blog and advertise your services on there. Just be prepared to bookkeep properly and pay relevant taxes. Make sure you check your contract with work before completing any of the above. Some companies have particular rules if you want to work outside of their business. Whatever you choose to do, bear in mind the time it will take you away from your family. Work is work and for those extra pennies, you could be losing valuable family time that you can never get back.]]>

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