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Having an Alternative Date Night in London

Date night – it doesn’t often happen when you have kids, does it? Whether you are working long hours or looking after the kids all day – or a combination of both – it’s hard to find the time. And when you do have a few hours spare, there isn’t much more on your mind other than catching some extra sleep. It’s not just the time, either – it’s the expense. The babysitter, the cab home – it all adds up. In fact, just paying to go out can sometimes be more than the night out itself. I’ve blogged extensively about my lack of sleep, reliance on coffee and the lack of opportunities available. But, as we all know, spending time with your partner is just about the most important thing you can do. You’re a team, after all; in it together. And you have to keep those bonds strong – and try to make them stronger. So after discussing with my southern friends, I’ve put together some quick and easy date night ideas for anyone living in London. My apologies to all of you elsewhere – but I’m sure you will find similar in your hometowns! For the too tired … Regular readers of this blog might remember the incredible Date Night box I was sent recently. In fact, it was that post that provided me with the impetus to look for other ideas for date nights. So, if you are simply too exhausted to consider stepping out of your home comforts, give the guys from Date Night a try – it’s an amazing experience. For the chuckling couple… Laughter is the best medicine – which makes it strange that so few couples ever consider going to a comedy event. There are all kinds of places putting on comedy events, from your standard nights at Jongleurs to your local pub. Find out what’s going on in your area and give it a try. Comedy nights are great fun, not too long, and usually cheap as chips. For peculiar partners… Fancy something a little different? If the idea of being scared senseless is your idea of fun, why not try one of the many spooky tours that are all the rage right now? There’s plenty to choose from, including everything from a Jack The Ripper Tour to haunted houses. They don’t take long – a couple of hours max – and you will go home being very glad to be in each other’s company. If you don’t live in London there will be tours local to your city. For the starry-eyed… London isn’t the most obvious place in the world for exploring the night sky. But if you can make your way up to Morden Hall Park, the stars will never look better anywhere else inside the M25. If you’re south of the river, however, the closest place is Grove Park. Head over there in the on clear, early evening, and wrap up warm. You will enjoy a very romantic – and relaxing – couple of hours. There’s so many amazing beauty spots for night time go and find them. For the swivel-hipped Dancing is another great way to spend time together. And there really is something for everyone, from the traditional tango to up-front street dance. Check out your local fitness centres, and you are sure to uncover a beginner’s dance class or two.

OK, so that’s all from me – what about you? Any alternative date night ideas you can think of that you want to share?


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