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Review of the Wifi Toshiba Flash Air 16GB SD Card

Having a large but powerful DSLR is great, but what about when you need to get the pictures quickly uploaded to Instagram or send to a PR Agent? These were a few of the questions going through my head the other day when I went to the Bents Christmas opening. I had these amazing pictures on my Canon EOS 650D but no laptop or way to get them ready for posting. With the world that we live in driven by technology I was really dismayed that I’d need to be strapped to a desk or have a portable laptop. Then there comes the issues of editing. If my pictures are taken as they should be, editing should be at a minimal and programs like Photoshop not needed. I use LightX on my iPhone and as I’ve got Adobe Creative, Lightroom on my Samsung (which I hate but have to use as iPhone is in for repair). So what’s my options here. Take the card out and find a laptop. Long USB lead to my phone. Wait till I get home. So I waited till I got home and by then you’re tired and so far behind everyone on the pecking order. Frustratingly I asked the all knowing blogging community and I found the answer to my prayers.


With my love all of things tech how did I not know about these babies! SD Cards that create a wireless network to transfer files across all with the help of an app. Brilliant. Looking online these appeared to be the most popular cards out there: SD Wifi Cards I posted on the blogging forum which ones are the best and it appears that Toshiba came out top. Thinking about it, Toshiba is a known name where as Transcend does sound like a dodgy 2nd rate product. Sure it’s exactly the same but downloading an app on to my phone to control my media and phone screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-20-00-36So looking at trust ol EBAY as you do, there’s one on there with quick postage and a great price. Also the fact I can use paypal means I’m covered too right 🙂 Toshiba Flash Air SD Card 16gb As you can see from the phone, you plug it into your camera and connect to the SD Card’s wifi with the app. There’s a manual, not all in foreign language, to ensure you know where to find the app in the various stores. Then it’s a folder structure and you’re away! Save them to your phone, google drive, wherever your phone can share and enjoy the wireless future! It’s amazing, the pictures I’ve taken are easily uploaded to my iPad and away I go. No fuss. The transfer time is fairly slow, but I’m talking 10mb a second? It’s made my life easier and I can’t wait to use it when I go to  parliament next week. ]]>


  1. fashion-mommy Reply

    I need one of these in my life, would be great to share the better quality camera photos straight away.

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