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Back to black – Dark nights are here

Commuting as part of my job means I’m leaving early and coming home late. It’s great in the summer as you hit the road as the sun is rising and everything is crisp. But Winter time is around the corner, the mornings are pitch black and the evenings too. The days merge into one and it feels like a non-stop work sleep merry go round. This is how I feel at the moment getting into a cold car before 7 when everyone in my house is still asleep. They’ve had their day and are waiting patiently for me to arrive home for dinner time which is way past what my Nan would have called an acceptable hour.

But life is what it is.
We’re not wealthy and there’s things that have to be done to ensure our futures are in our hands. Life could easily be as basic and simple as possible but that isn’t who we are. We enjoy quality and relish new opportunities to explore and create memories. We have control over our decisions because of sacrifices and while it may seem difficult now, the road ahead will be ever so slightly easier in the long run. So spare a thought the next time there’s a frown on my face, or a tired expression. I’ve probably been driving through the dark so we can all reach the light.]]>

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