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The Dad Diet – Part 1 – Setting Goals

So the time has gone quicker than a kebab after a few beers and a boogie, the day had arrived for the first call with our fearless leader on his mission impossible. First let me introduce you to Rory, REPS accredited PT, Nutritional Coach. He truly understood the difficulties I have to when it comes to my back and the challenges I will face. So that’s a great start. For our first proper conversation was over Skype in a small group of like minded dads. There was a weird setup phase as I don’t use Skype but after all that it was game time. Now I’m not going to tell you all the secrets and tips as that will be unfair to Rory and all his experience and learning. So let me share what I can. Setting goals. By setting yourself goals you’re giving yourself something to aim for and then you can draw your path to that goal. They can be un-realistic but the path there will be a lot more impossible and you’re less than likely to stick to it. So be realistic in your goals and what you’re aiming to achieve. I had two clear goals:

  • Lose weight to reduce pressure on my back.
  • Increase fitness to be able to easy carry my daughter on my shoulders.
What’s next. Nutrition comes first in this and I’m looking forward to finding out a bit more tomorrow about where to start, what I can do and obviously what I can’t]]>

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