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The #DAdvent Calendar – Giveaways and Gift Guides for HIM

DAdvent Calendar His Gift Guide and Giveaways

The festive period is upon us and if you’re like me normally, it will be one big trip and buy everything at once.

But times are changing and with the blog, I’ve been offered a number of impressive Christmas ideas and giveaways.

So DAdvent Calendar was Born!

For the weeks up till Christmas, every Monday you’ll see a brand new giveaway on the site in the various slider positions and main page. I’ll also include it on the sidebar so you don’t miss. We use Rafflecopter to pick winners as it’s so good and completely random. An example of the amazing things to come include Star Wars VR Glasses and headsets, S+ Sleep Tracker and so many more things. I hope you take part and enjoy what we’ve got to show.

The question is though, what do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?


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  1. Lesley Bain Reply

    A dishwasher…I am not looking forward to the million dishes needing washed after xmas dinner! x

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