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Guaranteed Happy Baby – Sound Of Happy

Ok Mums, Dads and anyone who looks after baby age children. This is going to blow your mind!

This song is scientifically proven to make your baby happy!

We all wish that we could make our babies happy all the time up until it’s bed time but the truth is we can’t. There’s moments in the day when they’re unhappy and whatever you do there’s no turning that frown upside down. Babies really do respond to a number or different sounds and rhythms and we all know that smile you get when you blow raspberries. Well 1000 UK parent were asked and their Top 5 Happiest Sounds were:
  • Sneeze
  • Blowing a raspberry
  • Cheek pop
  • Cough
  • Duck quack
So the guys over at Cow & Gate made this amazing track with a number of experts and personally we love it and so does Dorothy. So enjoy it and have a look at the video below to see how they made it! You may also see Dorothy and Mrs P in there too 🙂   ]]>

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