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Top Boys and Girls Names for a Christmas Baby!

 If you’re anything like us this Christmas will see friends extend their families and people to buy for, by having a Christmas Baby! Apparently Jesus isn’t a suitable name for a baby boy in Preston, unlike my new Crazy French Friend Jesus. So picking a name that’s suitable for the family, has no connection to anyone that you know and fits with your surname can be daunting! We did something clever where Mrs P, Bethany and I came up with a different name for every letter of the alphabet. For any letters where we had two names the same,  these then went through to a shortlist and we all decided on a final name. A real team effort! Our selections went down to Beatrice, Dorothy and Penelope if I remember rightly and of course, we chose Dorothy, Alexis Palmer.  So if you’re looking for any suggestions UK Pregnancy+ analysed over 320,000 users of their app and have compiled a top list of 30 names! A total of nine Bible-inspired boy names and five girl names have made it into the Top 30 names for festive babies due between 22nd December 2016 and 3rd January 2017. For boys, Jacob sits at number 5 followed by Ethan (no.11), Lucas (no.14), Isaac (no.16), Caleb (no.21), Elijah (no.24), and Joshua (no.25). For girls, the Top 30 contains a number of names derived from the biblical name Eve. In addition to Ava on number 1, the Top 30 includes Evie (no.5) and Eva (no.16). Other Bible-inspired names include Mia, which is short for Miriam, on number 8; and Grace, generally associated with the Christian faith, on number 10. The top festive baby names list was compiled by analysing the 320,000 UK users of the Pregnancy+ app, which captures around 45% of all UK pregnancies. Out of this total, 3,420 UK users who are due during the festive period between 22nd December 2016 and 3rd January 2017 logged their favourite baby names within the app itself. John Miles, co-founder of Health & Parenting, the developer of Pregnancy+, said: “Long-time favourites Oliver and Amelia have been knocked back into the number 2 spot for babies due over the festive season. And that is not surprising. Christmas babies are nothing short of a miracle with 25th and 26th December the least likely days to give birth. I suspect that many prospective parents are harking back to biblical times to handpick names that have clearly stood the test of time for their own wonder babies.

“Miracle babies aside, the festive season is particularly good for non-immaculate conceptions: the highest number of babies are born on 26th September. So if you are planning for a baby then keep your cool, avoid family squabbles and instead enjoy some stress-free downtime, Christmas-scented candles and festive cheer with your partner.”

Top 30 festive baby boy names

  1. Noah
  2. Oliver
  3. Harry
  4. Oscar
  5. Jacob
  6. Alfie
  7. Archie
  8. Freddie
  9. Charlie
  10. Leo
  11. Ethan
  12. George
  13. Mason
  14. Lucas
  15. Theo
  16. Isaac
  17. Henry
  18. Riley
  19. Finley
  20. Logan
  21. Caleb
  22. Jack
  23. Harrison
  24. Elijah
  25. Joshua
  26. Teddy
  27. Sebastian
  28. Thomas
  29. Max
  30. Arthur

Top 30 festive baby girl names

  1. Ava
  2. Amelia
  3. Olivia
  4. Lily
  5. Evie
  6. Isabella
  7. Isla
  8. Mia
  9. Poppy
  10. Grace
  11. Sophia
  12. Ivy
  13. Ruby
  14. Scarlet
  15. Willow
  16. Eva
  17. Ella
  18. Bella
  19. Daisy
  20. Freya
  21. Layla
  22. Esme
  23. Lola
  24. Phoebe
  25. Florence
  26. Emily
  27. Maisie
  28. Millie
  29. Rose
  30. Darcy

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