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End 2016 with Plans for 2017

2017 is coming around soon and the New Year’s holiday is a great time for dads around the world to start making new promises to their kids for the upcoming year. Without a doubt, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2017 is to take the kids out more often. Whether it’s an adventure to the countryside or an epic trip to Switzerland, there are hundreds of destinations to take the kids to—and they don’t have to be expensive either. Travelling abroad is an excellent way for your child to learn about different cultures and languages. They’ll get to absorb mysterious sights, sounds and smells that they’re unaccustomed to. It’s a good idea to take your child out of their comfort zone now and then to make them learn faster, appreciate new things and to discover the joy of exploration. It’s more exciting for children to learn with a hands-on approach as opposed to reading books or online articles. Instead of reading about a historical figure or object, it’s much more enjoyable for children to see it with their own eyes in a museum and read about it on plaques and guided tours. France One of the most interesting locations to visit in Europe has to be France. You can book school trips to france by contacting your child’s school, or you can visit with just your family by checking out various holiday agencies online. There are many historical monuments to explore, such as World War battlegrounds and history museums. There’s Disneyland for fun and recreation, there’s excellent food, plenty of vibrant nightlife that the kids will love and of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower. If your child is creative, then there are wonderful art galleries and museums to visit for inspiration and to learn about famous historical artists. Australia Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, interesting wildlife and natural wonders. Explore the Great Barrier Reef with your children and dive into sparkling blue waters together, or take a journey through diverse terrains such as dry outbacks and wet rainforests. In addition to wonderful natural attractions, there’s also modern cities with plenty of attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, and you can even take a trip to the island of Tasmania. Japan One of those countries that just needs to be visited! Japan is a country full of amazing sights, sounds and cultures. Take your children to the eccentric city of Tokyo to sample local delicacies, learn about the culture and immerse themselves in a medley of new technologies. There are dozens of technology showcases and events where your child can learn about the wonders of science. From life-like androids to gigantic robots, there’s something for everyone to learn about. If you prefer a historical approach, then Kyoto would be a more fitting destination. It was the old imperial of capital in Japan until 1868, which makes it a one-stop location for culture and history. Enjoy exploring ancient temples, beautiful gardens and taking part in traditional tea ceremonies. Wander through the old streets of Kyoto and experience Japan as it was hundreds of years ago. Historical clothing and stores, food with recipes that date back to the 1860s and of course, the Great Buddha.]]>

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