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Create Forvever Memories

Dorothy is growing up so fast; it feels like childhood is going in an instant and so it’ll be Beth out in the world as an adult in no time. If like me, you’ve got a pretty strong sentimental side, it can feel like an enormous pressure to make special family memories while everyone is still young. If you’re a big fan of family memories and having something to prove the strength of your bond, try some of these activities together. Find somewhere amazing! It doesn’t have to be expensive, a cool road trip, a short cruise, or a log cabin in the woods, just make sure it’s a special holiday that everyone will remember. Have each member of the family keep a journal every day, so that in years to come you can all look back and reminisce about your fantastic trip. Even if they kids are too young to keep a journal, a scrapbook of ticket stubs, flyers, and even pretty leaves is a great thing to look back on. Remember your memories! If you’re anything like me, you have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of your family, but in the smartphone age, it can be the case that they never make it off your phone and into real life. Go through your devices and print off any pictures that you feel demonstrate good memories or a great moment, and put a picture album (or five) together as a family, that you can all look back at. If you fancy some pictures to display around your home, it could be worth visiting a professional studio such as Light Republic Photography, to get some really attractive and high-quality photos to show off your clan. Find your family! You all know who you are now, but do you all know where you’ve come from? A comprehensive family tree of the last few generations gives you all a mutual interest and a sense of identity. It’s also a great thing to have to pass on to future generations. Try Ancestry.co.uk to get started on your family tree. Start a family tradition Family traditions are the basis for great family bonds that can go down through generations. It doesn’t have to be anything hugely significant, just an activity that the whole family can enjoy, which takes place regularly. It could be a yearly trip to the Christmas pantomime at your local theatre, or a walk around the local park every weekend for the whole family, or even something as simple as scrambled eggs on a Saturday morning or homemade burgers on a Tuesday night. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, the point is that it’s special to you and your family. Creating family memories doesn’t have to be costly, it’s just about spending time together, exploring mutual interests, and doing things a bit differently sometimes. Your family bond is so strong and timeless; it’s a whole lot of fun exploring different ways to strengthen it. Just remember, have fun, and don’t take it all too seriously – laughter is the best memory.]]>

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  1. Just Average Jen Reply

    Some lovely ideas here it’s so true though sometimes is easy to forget memories don’t have to be expensive!

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