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Dad Diet Update 04/01/2016 – Happy New Year

So it’s been a long Christmas with great food and even better company. It includes an amazing Christmas dinner, lots of festive cheer with loved ones and a few glasses of the finest fizz! For Christmas is a time for love and enjoyment and I’ve certainty done that and some. It’s not surprising that my weight went for 103kg to 105+ which is was last measuring. It’s nice to know that I’ve done down to 104.3kg but with some long distance walking, extra exercise, back on my eating plan (Thanks Rory) and being aware of what I eat/drink. I’m sure I’ll be back to track to my 93kg target 🙂 As you can see from the picture behind the weight, I’ve been walking with Dorothy on my back. So tiring but great for burning. So Happy New Year and don’t punish yourself for a few extra pounds, you’ve got 12 months to lose them :)]]>

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