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A Much Needed Date Night to De-Stress and Relax

It’s been 11 months since the birth of Dorothy and we’ve still not been out to spend some quality time alone.

But it’s ok, well it’s not, but it’s alright! Let me tell you why. We’ve been really lucky to know about the Get Date Night boxes and as you can see from my previous post, A Date Night to Remember at Home, this monthly delivered box of tricks not only gives you a reason to mark off an evening in the diary but the creativity and tricks to make it amazing. Magically arriving, our box was exactly as before. With most things you expect a degradation in quality as they become popular and have to churn out their services, we were pleasantly surprised that we were completely wrong. Our box of tricks was one to tickle the senses and help relax while de-stressing and cleverly crafted. I don’t think there’s a better way to start anything than this. Our own personalised card outlining what’s about to happen and above all, put the phones down! Now I have to say we did for most of it. There’s a spotify element and the photos didn’t take themselves 🙂
One thing I love about these Date Night boxes is that your senses are opened up to new experiences. The previous box had amazing chocolate experience where we learnt all about chocolate tasting in a romantic and personal way. The cards are always fun and opening them one by one is all part of the joy.

You see this is what it’s about! Even though the box wasn’t Christmas themed, what Date Night surprise wasn’t going out in December without Mistletoe.

 We have a small window between bed time for Dorothy at 7:30, well when she goes to sleep, through to around 11:30. So cracking open a Merlot is stage one, charity Matalan PJs are optional.


The format for the Date Night’s we’ve had so far are very much like a story. You’re given an overview of what to expect and then numbered cards with numbered wrapped surprises add flair and flavour to the story. Starting off with the lighting of lovely smelling candles and dotting around the room, not only do we have the right music thanks to the dedicated Spotify playlist but there’s also the right lighting and atmosphere. After a hard day at work and parenting, we’re both shattered so it’s really nice for someone else to make the decision for once and just follow step by step . Just imagine an IKEA for romance 🙂 There’s an element of surprise as you open the cards and card three threw up an amazing de-stressing treat. What type of box tells you to make a brew and chill out! Amazing. If I remember rightly, not only did we have something to give our palate, mood and metabolism a lift but we did it all with a face full of artisan face mask! I think in all there were around 8-9 cards, I can’t remember. The Merlot and the de-stressing nature along with amazing company meant that time just flew by. There’s been moments where we’ve just sat and talked because we miss each other and other times the cards have prompted us to talk. Either way, communication is key in every relationship and finding out what your partner thinks are your best features, even after all these years, is an amazing feeling and worth a subscription alone. This is where our journey ends. The last two surprises were for the bath and seeing as we have a bath big enough for two, it would be a shame to let the Lemongrass, Coconut and Goat’s Milk body bar go to waste.
This was our Date Night, isn’t it time you treated yourselves 🙂

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