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Hair today gone tomorrow!

Hair is not specifically a taboo subject for men, but it is definitely an area that can receive less attention than among female circles. Whether it is due to ignorance, laziness, or simple embarrassment, hair grooming for men deserves more focus. While there is no doubt that you, as a man, would shave your beard and wash your hair as part of your grooming routine, there probably are a lot of things that you are still doing wrong. Don’t worry: it’s not your fault! There isn’t enough emphasis of hair care for men in the current market. But it’s time to take your hair in hand! Here are some tips to tackle the most common hair issues and let your mighty fur shine gloriously.

#1. Get The Right Shaving Routine

Shaving is something that has been discussed previously on the blog, but in essence the main lesson is: The skin is sensitive so take care of it as you shave. This starts with a pre shave scrub, as you will need to clear your pores and remove any risk of clogging. If you find yourself developing spots and acne after a shave, that’s because there was a layer of dirt and oil on your skin that clogged up your pores! Then always make sure to use shaving cream or oil as a protective layer when you shave as this will avoid irritation. Finally, finish with a moisturising cream or aftershave to soothe the skin as this will keep it from getting dry and sore.

#2. Boldly Tackle Baldness

Baldness or bald pattern syndrome can affect up to 50% of men past their 50th birthday, but it can also affect men of a younger age. There are two common causes of baldness: Stress-related baldness and hormonal imbalance. In the case of a stress-related issue, you will experience the loss of large patches of hair within a very short time. Removing the stress factor will help to regain hair growth. A hormone imbalance happens when your testosterone morphs into a different hormone and starts attacking the hair follicles. You will a hormonal treatment to manage the phenomenon; for example, propecia is a prescription medicine for male pattern baldness. It’s important to get in touch with your doctor to check your options.

#3. Strengthen Thin Hair

Most men with thin hair tend to focus on moisturising and conditioning solutions in an effort to improve their hair. Unfortunately this weighs down your hair and amplifies the phenomenon by letting the scalp show. Instead, you should get a regular trimming and use egg shampoo to fortify your hair.

#4. Lemon On Oily Hair

Heavy hair brushing and blow-drying can generate oily hair. So you should be careful about your hair routine. You can also add a final rinse to your routine with two tablespoons of lemon juice into a cup of water to reduce the presence of oil on your scalp.

#5. Organic For Dry Hair

Pollution, chemical hair products and hot water can cause your hair to dry. The cure is simple: Change your wash routine to twice a week in lukewarm water and make sure to pick organic shampoos for best results.]]>

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