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Office Etiquette You Should Know About

It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee in a large office, an employer of a large office or an entrepreneur deciding to share an office space to save on the cash; there are certain rules that need to be understood. The days of people having private and personal office space no longer exist (we’re not sure if they ever did in all fairness). As such, it is important to create peace and harmony within your office environment, and that means some etiquettes should be observed. To help you with this, we have compiled a pretty quick and concise list of ways in which you can ensure everything within your office space runs smoother than an Uber taxi service.   Respect the work of others It can be a hard temptation to resist, but just because you are sat in the vicinity of other people, it doesn’t mean that conversation should be held all day every day. In fact, quite the opposite. Deadlines are tight and headspaces can be hard to get into. So try and restrain. Try and respect their privacy and workload. A great technique to adopt is one of imagination; imagine there is an imaginary door between you and your work neighbors. Simple. Also, try and avoid making a knocking sound when you do want to speak to them. It will be funny once and be annoying forever more.   Smells can be an issue If you are sat in a space where people are tightly packed in, try and avoid eating your tuna sandwich at your desk. Noises will turn, hatred will boil and smells will be intensified. As such, try and eat your lunch or snacks in the kitchen. Then also make sure you dispose of the smell as thoroughly as possible. The same rule goes for perfume and cologne. Not everyone is going to love your taste in Lynx Africa, so refrain from going overboard. However, don’t go into work wearing no deodorant either.   Tidiness is important too Your desk and general office space can serve as a distraction to others. If it is messy, people will not be able to help but look and stare and wonder how you ever manage to get anything done. So make sure you have a tidy space, not just for their sake but yours too. Get a filing cabinet. Speak to the office cleaners to see if they can help or have any tips, use the drawers under your desk or go and get a lever-arch file from the stationery cupboard. Whatever you do, tidy your space. If nothing else, you’ll be more productive at work.   Noise can be distracting Please, please, don’t play your music on speakers. There are an incredible amount of headphones available to the everyday user. Yes, you may think your taste in music – which is largely made up of Mika, Drake and that Bob Geldof Christmas song – is incredible, and you want people to know it is incredible, but try and refrain. The same goes for podcasts and Youtube videos. Use headphones.  ]]>

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