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Meet Up with Your Friends is Important

When we become dads, our lives change dramatically. Everyone told us our lives were going to change forever, but we did not really believe them, did we? We always assumed our lives would stay relatively the same and we would still be able to have a drink with friends midweek, go and catch some sport on a Saturday afternoon and then end up having a few too many and ending up in the local curry house at 1am. However, when our littles one said hello to the world on that wonderful day which we will all remember clearly for the rest of our lives, our mind did tell us that they were right, and that things were going to change – for the better, of course. As soon as we saw our little one we realised that we actually wanted our lives to change and wanted to spend as much time as we could with our child or children before they grew up too quickly. This may have resulted in you not wanting to spend as much time with your friends, and you may have been left out of the loop of your friendship circle because of this. As your little one is getting older and growing day by day, though, we may come to the conclusion that we do want to see our friends again – and if this is the case you should make the effort to contact them and organise to meet up When we have not seen friends for a while, it could be quite a nerve wracking experience as we may feel that we have neglected them for such a long time that they may not be interested in remaining friends with us. This, of course, is completely false as all good friends will always want to see you and they will more than likely completely understand why you have been off the radar for the length of time that you have been. You should try to make an impression on your friends if you have not seen them for a long time – you could book a table at that favourite curry house and ask the waiting staff or owners to get some Scotch whiskies in so that you can have a proper night out, and a really good time, with your friends. However, do not try too hard (such as paying for everyone’s meals) as they may feel that you are trying to force yourself upon them and if you act in such a way that you have not acted before when you have been socialising with them, they may think that you have changed and have become a different person to the one they knew before. You could also show your friends that you are not out of the loop in your interests such as sport. Start conversations, be interesting and show them that even though you are a father now, it does not mean that you can’t hang out together – in the future – like you did before.]]>

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