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Masculine Dad Adventures for your Daughters Too

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important it is for a dad to have a good relationship with their children and it’s easy to do things manly when they’re a boy. The relationship a growing boy has with their father will greatly shape the kind of man they grow into. But what about when you have daughters? Well here’s a few examples of activities that I urge you to do with the girls too Fishing I thought I’d start this off with a true classic. The image of a father fishing with his son is a timeless symbol of paternal bonding, and represents a great opportunity to develop the relationship you have with your child. But have you ever seen a girl down at the lake? Like most men, you probably still remember the day your father taught you to rig and cast a line, and the way they beamed with pride when you landed your first catch. So ensure your daughter’s have these memories too. They’ll love it! Camping If you’re following my Hadrian’s Wall walk you’ll see how much camping activities are going on. The opportunities for passing lessons on to your children during a camping trip are endless. You can show them how to pitch a tent, start a fire, navigate with a compass, and identify certain plants and animals. Besides all these practical bits of knowledge, simply sitting around a campfire and talking the night away is a great way to strengthen the relationship you have with your son or daughter. Beth loved the sense of achievement at climbing a peak or from staying ahead of me 🙂 Paintballing One for the older children, a day of paintballing is much more accessible, and yet another great thing for fathers and their children to do together. They may be the only girls there but I guarantee they’ll give the lads a run for their money. Working on a Car Here’s another classic father/son activity that’s not done with the girls. Sadly, a lot of drivers these days are utterly clueless when it comes to maintaining their own car, a skill which used to be something of a given. You can start turning this trend around by teaching a few basic pieces of car maintenance. Start off with changing the oil, the windscreen wipers or the tyres. Don’t worry if you’re nearly as inexperienced as your loved one; the internet is full of tutorials and information that will show you how to carry out basic maintenance, and tell you how much risk each job has to damage your car.   The message I’m trying to portray here is why should there be boys and girls things to do with Daddy? There shouldn’t be and in turn there shouldn’t be things mum does that dad doesn’t either. Get involved in all of their lives.]]>

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