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Reasons I want a Camper Van

Provide Delivery Services With the continuing growth of online shopping, more people than ever are having packages delivered. And it is not just big businesses that are profiting from the delivery boom. If you have the right van storage systems in place, you can get in on the action as well. Many people are now making extra cash by dropping off packages. There are even websites that can show you nearby houses that need things delivered to them – you don’t even need to deviate from your daily commute!   Rent It Out If you are not using your van for anything else, you can make a steady income by renting it out to people. Whether they need it for an event or because they are relocating, renting it out for a short period of time will likely be popular as you can offer a better deal than the big name companies. Obviously you will need to have the proper insurance provisions in place and accept that the van becoming damaged is a possibility.   Transport People Around Instead of using your van for storage, you could instead use it to transport people around. Having a vehicle that can hold a number of people can put you at an advantage over many of your competitors. Of course, it is a case of making sure you have the proper licensing in place but there will always be a demand from people who are looking to get from A to B. If you live nearby to a major transport hub like an airport, there is a higher likelihood that your services will be in demand.   Promote Your Business (Or Others) If you run your own business, it is definitely worth having your van branded up so it acts like a moving advert for your company. Alternatively, other small businesses may pay you to feature their logo and branding on the side of your van as a way of promoting their services. The more you drive around, the more likely it is that you will find a company that is will to pay good money to advertise on your van.   Offer Home Improvement Services In general, people are no longer as skilled at DIY as they once were. This means that there is a good opportunity to offer your skills (providing you have them!) to others. Once again, this is where the sharing economy pays off. Platforms are now available that match up people with skills and those who need work doing. You van will come in useful as you will need to transport tools and equipment around.  ]]>

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