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Please Donate to our Charity Trek

This is going to be a short message, as if you don’t know what I’m doing now then see here for a bit more about the Hadrian’s Wall Charity Trek. There’s a number of reasons we’re doing this. We’ve spent a lot of money, time and put our bodies through extreme stress so they gotta be bloody good reasons right 🙂

  • – Being an inspiration to loved ones and family.
  • – Creating and completing a lifelong achievement, something to make us and others feel proud.
  • – Raise money for individual but really important charities that are close to our hearts.
I feel like the top two will be completed when we drag ourselves over the finish line. I’m hoping I won’t be in too bad a shape when I get home and the long terms affects on my body will be good ones The charity side of things we’re only 2 thirds of the way there which is why I’m writing this. In two days I’ll be packing my bag for the last time to head to Newcastle and start the walk around 4pm. We’ve been messaged about some additional donations on payday and that’s fantastic! But for those that can donate before hand, here’s the link: https://www.justgiving.com/teams/CoasttoCoastCharityChallenge2017 and if we can hit the £5k mark before we set off, I’ll walk Saturday dressed up as braveheart ! haha FREEDOM.]]>

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