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Building a better Bathtime

Creating a family home is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Providing time and space to nurture your children and watch your family grow together makes all the effort of DIY worth it. One of the ways you can help build your perfect family home is to get everyone stuck in when it comes to its look and feel. You have probably already got your kids involved when it comes to their own bedrooms but their unique sense of style and playfulness can also bring other rooms to life in the home.  The bathroom for instance is the perfect room to add a splash of fun and humour that will make brilliant bath times. Here are some top tips for creating the perfect kids bathroom. Safety first Your first priority when designing a bathroom that the whole family will use is making it safe for young children. There are many things that can injure your children in a bathroom including flooring, hot water and pipes and electrical or sharp objects such as razors, which should always be stored out of reach from small fingers. Tiled floors can be a real slip hazard so to prevent falls put down a non-slip flooring or bathmat. There is even smart technology to help keep your children safe from hot water including LED showerheads that actually change colour based on the temperature of the water. Consider safety first and your children will feel more confident when using the bathroom. Image courtesy of wallpoper.com

Colour matters

You may not think colour matters in the bathroom but studies have shown that colour can really impact how your children feel in their environment.  If your children tend to use the bathroom as a place to calm down before bed for instance you will want to choose a colour scheme that is soothing such as blue and yellow. If you want bath time to stimulate your children and get them ready for a busy day you will want more vibrant and exciting colours instead such as red. Look at how you can incorporate these colours into different aspects of your bathroom from walls to towels for a complete look. Themed approach If you want to make bathtimes really good fun you could even consider a themed approach to your bathroom designs. Popular designs normally include ducks or boats but why not mix it up with bold themes such as the jungle, circus or even your family’s favourite fairytale for the little prince and princess in your life. Search bathrooms online for more inspirational ideas. A family affair The most important aspect to the design of your family bathroom is that it is a space that everyone can enjoy. Why not encourage your kids’ imagination by getting them to pick out elements of the design, create pictures for the bathroom wall and choose bathroom accessories. You can even get tile crayons that wash off so you can let your children get creative and learn to love family bath times.  ]]>

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