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Having a Workout, Don't Train Alone?

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with training on your own, sometimes, it does help to have a little help from your friends. Many people find that having a workout buddy can make the difference between their workout success and failure. The right partner can help you to draw on those reserves of strength that you never thought you had, encouraging you to give just a little bit more. Remember that when you are choosing a workout partner, the relationship should be equal and you need to be pushing them as much as they push you. Here are a few of the main reasons that you should consider working out with someone else. Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals If you have a certain fitness goal in mind that you only keep to yourself, you are less likely to achieve it as only you will know if you fail. However, if you share this with someone else, you have someone to hold you accountable. Motivation can be difficult to achieve if you are solely relying on yourself, but if you know that you have a gym session booked, you will not want to let your friend down. On a similar note, a personal trainer such as www.marcdressen.com can also give you an added boost. Share the load with someone else and your goals don’t seem quite so insurmountable. Workouts Become More Fun Yes, workouts are supposed to be hard if you are aiming to achieve certain goals, but they can also be fun. If your workouts are enjoyable as well as intense, you will start looking forward to them and you are much more likely to build them into your long-term routine. They may also know some new workouts to incorporate into your routines, so you are are benefitting from their knowledge. As well as this, it is easier to try new things when you are with someone else, so you can join that club or fitness class that you may have been intimidated by in the past. Competition Makes You Perform Better The vast majority of us have some sort of healthy (or unhealthy) competitive streak within us. When you workout with a friend, it will inevitably turn into a competition, which can drive you onwards to achieve your goals. If you choose someone who is slightly fitter than you, this helps to give you a target to aim towards. Though don’t choose someone who is too far above you as this can have the opposite effect! It is Easier to Correct Mistakes Even if you workout buddy isn’t a personal trainer with years of experience behind them, it is much easier to correct mistakes in your form if you have someone else watching you workout. Doing something the wrong way – especially if it is an activity like weight-lifting – can end up being unhelpful and even dangerous. These are just a few of the main reasons why it is a good idea to workout with a friend.]]>

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