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DIY Dads, Put the Tools Down

Every single Dad on the planet believes he is the handiest of handymen. A DIY aficionado. A hero of hammers. A… you get the point. With all of the upcoming DIY that I’ll be doing I felt the need to let you all know to be careful! I like being able to count to 10 on both hands and would really miss a few of my favourite fingers. There’s not a job that Dad cannot do and if Dad can’t do it, then it’s definitely broken and can never be fixed. Well, that’s not entirely true, but knowing when to call for help when things do go disastrous with DIY is actually really important! The number of DIY accidents that happen for those out there who believe they just need to have a go to be able to fix something is astonishing. You can take yourself to the nearest Drainage Superstore to get the parts needed for that leak in the kitchen, but unless you truly know what you’re doing, there’s no use in making a bad situation worse. Don’t fool yourself into believing you’ll never need to call a plumber, as even the most skilled at home repair will need to pick up the phone at some point and ask for help. Relying on your local plumber is a good idea for those moments you really cannot fix things, and some of those moments we’ve listed below for you so you can recognise when to quit while you’re ahead.

  1. Low Water Pressure: Sometimes, obstructions through the piping and water lines can cause the water pressure in the home to drastically decrease. It can even be caused by poor design of the water lines. The best plumbers out there can identify and fix the problem for you, increasing the water pressure through the house and giving you a better shower experience.
  2. Hot – Or Not -Water: One of the most annoying things to happen in the house, especially with a young family, is having the hot water switch off. It can be anything that makes the hot water switch off, from a leak to a faulty heating element. You can boil kettles until your heart’s content but it’s not the 18th century! Call a plumber and get some help. They’ll be able to tell you whether you need to have a whole new boiler fitted or whether you just need to replace some parts.
  3. Pipe Freeze: The winter months can be hazardous for us all, but they’re worse for your pipes! You can thaw a pipe yourself if it hasn’t already cracked by shutting off the water supply valve and using a hair dryer. However, if the pipe has started to crack, you’ll need someone to come in and replace the pipes for you. The best thing for you to know here is where the water pipes are to check if they have frozen over!
Asking for help doesn’t mean you’ve failed in the DIY stakes. It just means that you have taken the initiative to know your limits and know you don’t have to fix everything. That’s why you have plumbers in the first place, for those household jobs that are a little beyond your reach. Don’t be shy; call your plumber!  ]]>

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