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Blogging Beginners: Driving Traffic

You shouldn’t have assumed that getting web traffic is easy! Here are some common causes of a lack of traffic to a website.   Lost among the crowd   Tens of thousands of websites are created every day, and that’s only a rough and fairly conservative effort. The fact is that it’s easier than even to create a website these days. While this is a very good thing in some ways, it also means the ‘market’ is somewhat saturated. If you can think of a topic, chances are there several websites out there that can provide you with articles, images, and even delicious memes about it. You’ve got to make sure that your website really stands out from the crowd, and gives something that other websites simply can’t provide. Otherwise, it’s redundant. This can be something as simple as your own writing; if you write about a topic in a particularly insightful or witty way, then people will want to visit your site even if they’re reading articles about the same topic on other sites.   Down   If your website has a reputation for having high amounts of downtime, then you’re not going to get many visitors. Even people who have enjoyed your website in the past may be reluctant to try going on your website after they’ve noticed it being down the last few times. The reason that so many new websites suffer from this problem is that the owners aren’t using reliable hosts. You may see a cheap web host and see an uptime of 95%. That sounds high, but the fact is that this actually results in tens of hours of downtime every month. Hosts such as wizzhosting.co.uk can offer 99.9% uptime, which is really the amount you should be going for.   Tumbleweed   So your content is good, but you don’t exactly have a reputation for giving people new content on a regular basis. This is a mistake. If you’re not adding new content to your website often enough, you’re simply not going to get a loyal fanbase. If you have trouble thinking up new content, visit heroicsearch.com. You’re also going to have a hard time getting your website to appear in the first page of the results of any search engine, as they favour websites that are updated frequently. No matter what the purpose of your website is, it’s going to slip from people’s memories and attention with alarming speed if you’re not bringing fresh content to the table regularly enough.   Anti-social   You may be one of those people who are incredibly turned off by social media, not wanting any part in it whatsoever. To you, Twitter and Facebook are nothing more than a hub where the self-absorbed can create a hall of mirrors for themselves. Sorry, buddy – you need to engage in social media if you want your website to get the optimum amount of attention! As socialmediaexaminer.com makes clear, social media is an essential tool when it comes to promoting a website – or, for that matter, any type of business. It’s not just a bunch of narcissistic teens – it’s used for serious purposes all the time!]]>

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