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Working For Yourself vs Family Life

I ran a national business with over 300 employees across 20 locations. It was on 24hours a day, 7 days a week and because of that so was I. There’s days in which I wish I could go back to doing that and also ones where I’d love to be my own boss again, which is something that many people dream of! Which would then also give me the benefit from being able to work whenever you want. Right? However, working for yourself isn’t always fun and games. And that is especially the case if you have a family. You will find that your business needs often come into conflict with your family’s needs. Sometimes, this ends up becoming a business vs family situation. Which will win? Here are some times when these two aspects of your life might come into conflict.   Business Time Vs Family Time So, you find that you have a spare afternoon, which you could put to good use. Who benefits from this? Do you spend this afternoon working on your business and ensuring that you hit some upcoming deadlines? Or do you take this extra time as a chance to relax with your family? This can be very difficult to juggle! The best way to figure out this timeshare is to consider how your business is doing. If your business is going through a particularly busy period, or it has been struggling recently, it could pay to use this time to work. But if your business is ticking along nicely, why not use this time to chill out with your kids?!   Business Money Vs Family Money Who deserves your money the most? Your business or your family? Hopefully, this should be easy to figure out as the only time your business should be getting your own personal money is if it is really going through a difficult patch. This shouldn’t be the case too often! One way to help your business survive off the money it makes is to improve its cash flow. There are lots of online guides to help you do that, such as the one at http://poppletonandappleby.co.uk/our-services/cash-flow. Once you have sorted that, then there is not much chance of your business ever needing help from your personal finances. So all of your own cash can go towards your family!   Business Space Vs Family Space Do you need to make a home office for your work? Ideally, this should be created in a spare bedroom. However, if your family already takes up all the rooms in your house, you will have to get creative with your planning. Don’t try and infringe on your family’s space as this could annoy your children. Plus, it will increase the number of possible distractions you will face while working. Need some home office tips? There are some great ones here: http://www.self-build.co.uk/practical-tips-productive-home-office.   So, as you can see your business and family don’t always have to fight for your attention. There are actually some really sensible ways you can balance the two!]]>

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