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Top Tips for Creating a Brand

One of the biggest things in business is what is your brand! This goes from every business including a small one man plumber from around the corner all the way through to large multinational companies such as BP or IBM. I’ll be looking at a number of various companies from different sectors and highlighting what they’re doing right with their brand. Bloggers – John Adams, DadBlogUK.com – Personal and Honest Content and Images John’s set himself up as the current forerunner in the Dad Blogger niche for parenting blogs and having seen it with my own eyes, he has a personal brand. Himself. John markets his blog with the use of amazing photography focused around him and his daughter. Very clear that John is building his brand around his image which is genuine, trusting and honest. When you put yourself out there like that, there’a a vulnerability but it works really well in this honest and genuine blog. Casino.com – Big names and Familiar Products Mobile online casino gaming is one of the biggest markets for online gambling so there’s a huge amount of competition for visitors and players. Branding therefore needs to be big and bold with the sense of security. At the end of the day you’ll be sharing your bank details and winning really money, you need to stay secure. With big name games and popular images/prizes you feel that you’ll be kept secure and there’s a whole lot of choice. Appealing to a large audience, they need to cover a wide range of bases and choice is how they’ve done it. WrenKitchens.com – Consistent Strong Messages and Styling Being one of the largest and fastest growing UK retailers of Kitchens, Wren has cornerstoned their marketing campaigns around quality at affordable pricing. Being only 7 1/2 years old, there’s a big market out there and they’ve grown from 1 showroom to 60+ already. Taking the market by storm they’ve had a brand which is the Wren bird and it features everywhere. If you’re going to have a marketing strategy, keep with it, your customers will identify with it and become your brand ambassadors in the marketplace. CoxandCox.co.uk – Powerful E-Commerce Styling and Functions  This one for me is all about presentation, quality of images and continuous styling all the way through. Cox & Cox use high quality resolution photography, simple styling with amazing use of white space with a grey colouring throughout. The use of greys are great and are matching with the sombre pastel colours that are so in this year. It’s important to have a website that matches your brand, it needs to be powerful and quick loading as well as easy to use. Just look how many products there are on that page:]]>

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