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Flying the Flag at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017

Sometimes in life, people say that you should never chase your dreams as when you get them you’ll not know what to do next. It’s BS! Going to Goodwood Festival of Speed was on my bucket list and we did it, it was amazing and I wanna do it again! Not lost anything for me and actually I want to go to more events. So in full Palmer fashion, we get our inflatable tent the week before and test it in our garden. Thank god it’s amazing and really isn’t going to blow away. In my mind I had a vision of the house from up. [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="medium" ids="13308,13362"] Turns out that it really doesn’t and the structure is actually quite solid! So packing up the 7 seater we’ve got a spare seat and invite Beth’s friend Poppy who inadvertently gets us ill but that’s a completely different story. So leaving at 5:30am on the Saturday we get down there in 5 hours and after frantically setting up the tent, blowing up the air beds and getting changed out of our skanky clothing we set off for…….. After ending up parking miles away, we get the option to walk through fields of amazing cars lined up including old school mustangs, ferraris and bentleys. When have you ever seen them parked up in a farmers field? Glastonbury’s VIP field??? [gallery size="medium" link="file" layout="slider" columns="2" ids="13313,13316,13332,13345"] You’re welcomed into the home of speed with an amazing walkway along the grandstands that unveil the amazing structure overlooking the whole park, thousands of cheering fans and a stretch of track where the cars hit serious speed! But Goodwood isn’t just all about the racing and for racing fans, prior to going we knew about the Vauxhall Family Experience and what an experience it was. The weather was perfect almost too good and on a race track, with thousands of people there was very little places to rest. Having Dorothy who is a proper english rose, needs to be protected from the sun. I must point out at this stage, we’ve already seen the Range Rover Experience area (See the video), through a selection of amazing priceless cars, well out of my price range anyway haha. We also had a look at the ridiculously good showroom from Mercedes where Dorothy got her free Flag from. She loved waving that especially in my face. Arriving at Vauxhall’s Family Experience, Mrs P queued up for the pull along carts with covers for protection all across the park. Completely free of course, while Dorothy and I found the ball pool. Yep we couldn’t wait. [gallery link="file" columns="2" ids="13333,13318"] There was also crazy football, some awesome deckchairs under shade where Dorothy got some gold top milk and amazing VR driving experiences. Also if you ever see my car with sharpie marks on it, it’s due to the latest Vauxhall getting a makeover with all the children colouring in and drawing on the car. Amazing! There was also a photoshoot opportunity within the new Adam and Dorothy’s definitely in the driving seat. [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="medium" layout="slider" ids="13325,13322,13317,13319,13321"] So the teenagers were off, Dorothy was happy and Mrs P was ready for some cars and OMG did we find some! [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="13329,13347,13346,13343,13342,13338,13340,13341,13339,13337,13336,13334,13328,13327,13330,13344"] We had an amazing time and if you watch my video, you’ll see some cars in action and some super impressive shows and showrooms. Goodwood was amazing and it’s to just for car loving men, it can be a complete day out for the whole family. There’s a full selection of food and drink booths including Prosecco stands and some of the best known Champagne brands flaunting flutes of the finest bubbly in Goodwood. We didn’t get the opportunity to go over the the X Games style course but from a distance we could see the bikes flying through the air over the ramps and the over enthusiastic announcer that you could hear from miles away. The teenage girls should have gone over but with so much to do, they ended up missing it and going on the ferris wheel 🙂 Goodwood wasn’t just a one day thing for us, we made the most of it and stayed in Selsey with Butlins style shows in the evening, over enthusiastic Abba and swimming in the massive pool at the holiday park. [gallery link="file" layout="slider" size="medium" ids="13368,13367,13366"] We also enjoyed Fish and Chips, walks along the beach and the inflatable tent held up even in the breeze from the coast. It was an amazing weekend, the cars were absolutely amazing and I will definitely be doing it again. Family or friends, I’m not sure but one things for sure I absolutely loved it and it’s another bucket lists thing ticked. Next stop, Northern Lights! ]]>

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