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Whatever you do Sell on Service

We don’t really like delivering blunt statements but, on this occasion, we feel we have to. So here it is: no matter what you do, or what your business sells, you will never be the cheapest. Working in a sales environment for the last 10 years, there’s normally two ways in which I see people sell.

1 based on price or 2 based on service.
That’s a fact. The problem is all someone has to do is pull their phone from their pocket, hit their keyboard a few times and, voila, someone on Google will be doing what you do for less. That is why you need to focus on making your business as personal as possible. Customers care just as much about the relationship they have with a company as the price. Think about when you were a student and you were deciding which nightclub to hit up. Occasionally you started off at that place which offered six Jagerbombs for £1.89, but you almost always ended up at that place where the bouncer and bar staff knew your name. You weren’t just another face, or another number or another ticket; you felt like more than that. That’s exactly how you should be making your customers feel.  

Read on to see our top tips on just how you can achieve this:

Even If You Don’t Have The Answer, Respond Immediately It is always best to respond to a query than to not, even if the reason you’re not is that you’re waiting until you have the right answer. This is one of the best ways to create a great first impression. But don’t just have an automated response set up. That’s a surefire way to pile on the feeling of them being a number. Instead, write a personalized response, something quick that acknowledges them and their query and states you’re working on it. You May Be A Company, But You’re Still Part Of The Community One of the most amazing and most effective ways to become more personal is to get involved with the community a bit more. Remember those days when businesses in the community would greet you by name and ask you if you wanted the usual, like the butcher and the baker and the candlestick maker. That is what people are craving for because that is what people miss. Of course, there are other ways to get involved. Host evenings and events, take part in an activity to raise money for a local charity, represent at the next church fete, anything that will make you a more active member of the community. Both You And Your Customers Are Human, So Act Like It In order to be more personal and friendly, you need to embody that in the way you talk on the phone, reply to emails and present your website copy. You have the chance to set the tone and, trust us, more often than not, your customers will mimic. Use their first name, talk about something other than just business, ask them about their day; all of these are human qualities. They are what set us apart from the robots. It is also worth incorporating modern trends into your communications. Yes. We’re talking about using emojis. These are such a great way to break down any feelings of formality. They bring a bit of fun to your approach and will make your audience feel more like a friend than a customer.    ]]>

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