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Film Review Dunkirk 2017

Thanks to a good friend, I got out on a school night to watch Dunkirk at our local Empire cinema. I’d like to give my opinion so if anyone’s on the fence about seeing it’s hopefully it will encourage you to go. Dunkirk for me was an epic reminder of what was a massively life changing moments for millions. In a film which follows the lives and stories of a few that come together at Dunkirk, there was a good mixture of light and dark. This wasn’t about blood and gore but more feeling and emotion. Dunkirk created a sense of urgency much like the Pearl harbour film minus the Hollywood story line and main line heroic cast. There were many heroes in this film who subtly went about changing people’s lives and for me that was what made it. In films gone by there tends to be full on figures of hatred especially the nazis yet I don’t think I saw one throughout the movie. This wasn’t about them and brewing up the hatred. This was about our heros and those who gave up their lives to protect our country. I learnt a lot and would encourage all adults and teenagers to watch this as it’s a stark reminder of what sacrifices people have made. Top film and great cinematography. 5 Star Film  ]]>


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      I considered iMAX but didn’t in the end due to cost and time to get there. I’m sure it’s gonna be great but it’s not as action packed as I thought so he may not get the full benefit. Either way let me know what your son thinks

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