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How to Find Work as a Single Dad

I get asked all the time how do I find a job and it’s especially when there’s a single parent involved. You want to be 100% there for your child and not miss any moment together, but work is also an important priority so you can support your family. Finding the right job fit can take time, as it needs to be flexible enough so you are able to balance your schedule, not spend all your hard-earned wages on childcare and not miss precious time with your kids. Here are some tips for working as a single dad:   Be realistic and fair to yourself. It is easy to get swept up and let your goals drive your every day process. As you are working, be sure to check in with yourself and be fair with yourself. Set your goals, but be comfortable adjusting them as you go along. The more you are able to keep your mind space balanced and happy with work, the less stress you will bring home with you at the end of the work day.     Get organised. Being organised when you are working and are a full-time parent is crucial. Multi-tasking is constantly required, and being able to prioritize and work with a schedule is key. In order to manage expenses, a budget can be helpful to keep all on track. For the appointments, sports practices and keeping the family in sync, creating your own family calendar can keep be extremely useful.   Build a support team There will be days that you just need someone to talk to. Being a single parent can feel isolating at times, so it is important to remember to create a supportive network of positive people. For the days when you need some adult time, it is great to have people to hang out with who understand you. Having a support team will also help ensure there is someone there for you when you may need some help or someone to talk to.   When it comes to good jobs for single parents, here are some ideas:   Sales As long as the company is able to work with your schedule and you are comfortable working towards a quota, sales is a great opportunity for working parents. Financial rewards are high, travel may need to be negotiated (if not eliminated completely), and the hours could be adjusted so you can get your work done but also have your time with family. Teacher If you love to work with kids, a position as a teacher could be the right match! A major benefit of working as a teacher is that your schedule will line up with that of your kids. You’ll have the same timetables (though perhaps a little extra ‘homework’ for you) and a long summer holiday in which to spend time together.   Driver jobs Another idea for a single dad is looking for driver jobs, which could involve delivery or taxiing people. It is ideal if you are looking for flexible hours and if you do not have loads of qualifications but have a clean driving license. You may well be able to decide exactly when you are available to work and this kind of flexibility can be vital when organizing your work life around your home life. It may also be a way of having some time to yourself, listening to music and if you enjoy driving- relaxing too.   As a single dad you have already acquired many valuable skills, which mean you have a lot to offer your future employer. Every family is different and it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself to do everything, if you are lucky enough to have friends and family who can offer some help don’t be too proud to take it, and if not be sure you know what help is out there. It might be difficult but having a successful career as a single dad is certainly doable. Your child will also grow up with a wonderful role model who is committed to hard work while being a loving father.  ]]>

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