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How to Become a Sports Genius

How you’ve managed to keep it a secret for this long is anybody’s guess. In every conversation you’ve had with your mates down the pub, you’ve been able to nod it the right places and chuckle in the correct pause. Little do your friends know that you know absolutely zero, nada, nothing about sport. Their ideal Saturday would be spent at a footie game before heading home to watch some golf, Formula 1 racing or athletics. When watching the IT Crowd, the feeling of not fitting in is completely norma when it comes to sport and my friends will confirm that I BS my way through football transfer conversations and basically anything to do with Tennis. As you get older the shame of having no sports knowledge and not even wanting to is slowly creeping up on you, and the pressure of being found out is immense. Don’t worry and take a look at these surefire ways to acquire the sports knowledge blag.   Immerse Yourself In The Environment Head down to your local pub to partake in a couple of beverages when you know that there is a football match on and watch the game. You’ll be surprised at how the rules will become second nature to you as the ninety minutes tick down. Chat with the footie fans and enquire about what is going on. Football fans are a friendly bunch and will be keen to impart their knowledge onto you if you show willing. Get to grips with the offside rule and ensure that you can summarise it in three sentences – a key signal that the sports blag is reaping the benefits.   Get Online With live streaming becoming ever more popular, you can now tune into a range of sports at home and from across the pond. While the kids are watching TV on a Saturday morning, you can whip out your laptop and watch a game of NBA basketball or tune into a replay of the US Open Tennis final. You’re aiming to develop an all-round sports knowledge so consider venturing onto a sports betting website likeUnibet to see a range of betting odds at a glance. Here, you can see who is the favourite to win the Premier League or the outsider who may clinch the Formula 1 crown. You never know, you may even be tempted to have a flutter yourself given your newfound sporting confidence.   Break The Silence Your pals are used to you having very little to say when the topic of sport comes up. The next time they begin an in depth discussion about the latest cricket test match England played against Pakistan, dazzle them with your knowledge of LBW and the England cricket captain’s batting statistics. By learning just a little bit about every sport, every base should be covered. You can then get home to check on your slow roast pulled pork before it needs to be served for dinner. Sport can be a way of life for some people. It instils a sense of belonging and community within folk and enables them to have a team to support through thick and thin. Those people who enjoy taking part in sport can develop a team mentality and enhance their confidence through five a side footie once a week down at the local leisure centre. While having a go at a sport may be a little bit beyond you, a newfound respect may be acquired through your jaunt into the sporting world.  ]]>

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