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How to Create a Brand that Stands Out – 3 Tips for Branding Your Business

We hear people talking about ‘brand’ all the time, and you could probably reel off a list of the top brands – but what exactly constitutes a brand? In simple terms, a brand is an emotional connection that consumers have with a company, it’s what they see in their mind, or feel, when they see or hear a logo, product, or brand name. This is usually comprised of a complex and sophisticated blend of factors which include:  

  • The quality of a product or service
  • The people, service, and environment which support the purchase of the product or service
  • The advertising, logos, slogans, and packaging used
So, how exactly do you go about creating an awesome brand? One that really stands out! Here are 3 top tips from experts on branding which you can use to create your own powerhouse brand. You need to consider every aspect associated with your brand: the colour scheme, logo, and tag line, and ensure there is cohesion across all marketing and advertising strategies, whether its digital ad campaigns or in conjunction with more conventional advertising like an exhibition display, roller display, signage, etc. It’s essential to create an unforgettable brand name, a strong associated message, and don’t forget to take care of the legal aspects such as protecting your brand by trademarking, copyrighting strategies, etc. Consider these points as part of your branding process.

1. What do people say about your brand?

While you may think your brand is one thing, what’s really important is how other people perceive your brand. It’s essential to know and understand how and why people perceive your business a certain way. You can research this quickly and easily, through googling your business, forming a focus group, or interviewing existing customers or clients to get a big-picture feel for how others see your business and brand.

2. Develop your online presence

First make sure your business has a well-designed website and blog, and then reach out and engage with your target customers or clients through a well-planned social media strategy. Do your research and discover where your customers are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram? And consider which social media platforms are the best fit for your brand.

3. Does your brand permeate all your business activities?

Your brand should be a part of all aspects of your enterprise not just the product or service you offer to consumers. Be authentic, be genuine in your dealings with customers, employees, suppliers, etc. If your business lives and breathes the brand, people will soon pick up on this and realise that your brand is the real deal, and not just some gimmicky marketing ploy. Are you ready to create an awesome brand? Don’t worry about getting it perfect straight away – just start the process and then build your stand-out brand step by step.    ]]>

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