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Haigh Foodie Friday at Haigh Woodland Park

Moving to Wigan 4 years ago was a big gamble as to be honest we knew nothing about Wigan. It was a decision based purely on the affordable living and house that we fell in love with. Falling in love with Wigan came next and gradually over the past four years but I can now say I love where we live and I’m a massive advocate for everything Wigan. From the outside spaces and local parks to the small niche restaurants as well as the shopping retail parks and even the little theatre. It really does have everything. Haigh Woodland Park was always one of those jewels of the outdoor space, right up there with Meznes Park, pronunced Mains Park (don’t ask). However there has been a lack of events and it always felt like a very unused asset in Wigan’s armoury. The good news is things have dramatically changed! Haigh Woodland Park while being an awesome place to run wild with the kids are creating a venue of choice for adults too. I was fortunately to take Mrs P and Dottie to the latest Foodie Friday and even though it was raining it couldn’t spoil our fun. Arriving we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the amount of people there despite the weather going against us. That’s always an amazing sign of things to come! So it is Friday, it’s been a long week and I’m starving and I manage to spy a burger with an awesome name I had to try!The Diablo Burger mmmmmm. It really didn’t dissapoint and the habinaro sauce blew my mind. Literally! Dorothy tucked into some Nachos and couldn’t stop herself eyeing up the burger. It’s fine though, it was just for me. Walking around we were astounded with the food selection on choice. Poutine that Mrs P really wanted to dig in to, amazing smelling Indian Street Food aswell as the traditional quality hot dog and burgers on the go. I say on the go, more to eat while tasting some of the fine beer and ciders on tap at the pub on site 🙂 Nights dedicated to food aren’t complete unless there’s a large quantity of amazing ice cream and delicious chocolate. Luckily we weren’t dissapointed on both counts. From across the courtyard the Holdens ice cream shop lighting up like heaven, Dorothy’s eye light up and ‘cream’ is her new favourite word. Who would have thought that there was such a thing as Unicorn ice cream! Suprisingly nice tasting but not as nice as my salted caramel beomoth. 2nd part to the essential must haves is the chocolate shop and wow what a place. I was absolutely blown away at the choice and it wasn’t until we were leaving that I realised it was homemade. Made it so much better. Luisco Chocolate really did taste amazing and was just what I needed when I finished off the rest when I got home from work on Tuesday 🙂 yum. Absolute winner of the event must go to the Nkono Stall. Wow what a character and what amazing food. By the time we got to the tastiest meat this side of everywhere we were stuffed and could only just sample a few bits 🙂 We are going to be visiting the Nkono stall in the Bolton Market without fail! Or hoping they’ll be there at the next event! Haigh Woodland Park has been an amazing experience and we’re so happy that there’s somewhere to go on a night out aimed at us adults. We don’t ask for a lot really do we 🙂 Well if you do then that’s ok and if you want events like Grease evening or Wigan’s Oktoberfest then you’re in luck and there’s something on tonight!   Haigh Woodland Park’s Foodie Friday is definetly enough reason to love Friday’s again if you leave near Wigan. And if you live outside of Wigan, it’s fine, they can wrap you up a suprise for the journey home too. ]]>

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