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Xtrem Robots TrooperBot Review 2017

There are two questions as a parent I want to know if I’m going to be sitting down on Christmas Day awaiting the opening of a gadgety style present. Batteries and can I switch it off! As a child I spent too many years sitting there while a remote control car gathered dust and meat sweats in the corner as I had no batteries. As a parent I’ve seen too many gifts for my girls with no off switch too! It’s good news on this front. First things first, Keith (our name for our bot) has an internal battery so get your phone USB plug out and charge away. Unfortunately you will need batteries for the controller (2*AA or the ones in your remote) and a small screwdriver (or table knife) to open the back panel so be prepared! I first met Keith at the Blog On conference in Manchester where the lovely Ane was displaying this years must have surprises from Christmas and every day of course. He was sat there surrounded by cute fingerling monkeys and inflatable pigs. That’s no life for a missile firing robot of the future, and so Ane helped to give Keith a better life with us in exchange for an honest review. Lucky me, lucky Keith and unlucky cats! [caption id="attachment_15204" align="aligncenter" width="850"] Xtrem Robot Trooperbot Review[/caption] I’m gonna be upfront with you, this is so my type of toy. I’m not going to ham it up and say it was for my Daughters to review. Not a chance! The pictures are to show you how love it looks when beautiful children and my lovely wife us it as no one wants to see tired old me making a robot dance and bobbing along with it! I didn’t do that really 🙂 After freeing Keith from the zip ties that kept him in his plastic cage (with scissors and supervision of course), I got my trusty table knife out and slowly opened the battery pack while popping him on charge. Now if you have no idea what a USB plug is, and I’m sure there are some people out there, it’s the thing you plug your phone cable into. Our robot buddy is a wireless toy that’s so funny, it’s like there’s a real person in there that loves to dance! With the wireless controller, you have full control over the 50 controllable actions from independant arm and hand movements all the way to it’s missle firing hand cannon. There’s nothing quite as soothing as watchin a robot dance then spin round spraying missles around including upsetting the cats and seeing Dorothy laugh her head off. This is recommended for children age 5 plus but that’s because of the darts that fly out. Potential choking hazards. If you’re like me, it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re supervising and Dorothy finally loved pressing the buttons to watch Keith dance. It was a shock to her at first to see this toys suddenly coming to life! With LED eyes and real walking movements I can imagine the shock and wonder as her other toys only really move when you push them. I loved controlling Keith’s movements and watching him dance around the front room. There’s a speaker built in and you have some volume controls so you can pump that music up! Don’t just keep him to yourself though, make sure the whole family gets involved and don’t stress out the pets too much. It’s parents that dance the best when chased. Xtrem Robots are available throughout the web to buy and I’ve also seen them available on Amazon Prime:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01J5ZO722 or see their other ranges at http://www.trendsuk.co.uk/. Thanks to Ane for allowing me to rehome Keith and write about him, Keith or Ane did not have any influence over my honest review.


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