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Air Wars Battle Drones 2017 Christmas Review

What’s better than adding the word battle to the word drone? Who wouldn’t want a battle with drones and if you don’t why are we friends?

These were the thoughts going through my head as I opened up the latest gadget to hit the stores pre Christmas 2017.
Having been one of the early adopters to drone flying (yes before it was cool) and (yes probably before I was cool) I’d regularly go and fly my drone over the local golf course scaring the bejesus out of the local swans and wildlife.
I’ll tell you now, there’s nothing better than having to search in a woods, while it’s getting darker, for a drone that is black after the wind takes it on it’s journey. Now that’s a battle drone!
Luckily as fate may have taught Airwars, the windier the conditions, the bigger the drones and heavier which means less fun. So when I opened up the box to discover these hand sized beauties I was over the moon.
There was no insert part a into slot b to get these bad boys going, just a simply micro usb to charge, that’s right parents, no batteries!

A silver drone with matching controller and a red one with again a matching coloured controller (super simple so far right) means that you literally pick these things up and you’re good to go.
Oh I forgot to mention, you then load up your weapons!
How mean do they look!
Flying these drones is one of the easiest things possible thanks to their controllers with built in attack modes and dual thumb sticks. Just take yourself back to playing an early playstation game. It’s really easy and when you’ve got it in the air, it’s the white buttons that make the fun!

Tornado mode, 360 spin, head on charge and I have no idea what the other carnage inducing button does!
Airwars drones are built to last with replaceable rotor blades included in the box and to be fair they’re built to last. I just only wish I was as this cool when I was a child 🙂

If the Air Wars Battle Drones really float your boat, head on down to Argos or Smyths with £79.99 and treat yourself to some aerial assault! Just be careful with crockery that’s a battle you don’t win :)]]>

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