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A Retro 1920s Metal Ride on Car for a Vintage Christmas with Halfords #Ad

As a family that’s had a pretty rubbish end to the year thanks to a house fire, losing my phone on a train and just generally being away from home. Not having a kitchen on Christmas day isn’t really an issue anymore. But like a phoenix from the flames, we’ve started to piece back together our home the way we want it, rather than how we had it. As a lover of vintage, Mrs P with her Vintage Folly site and million dresses is a huge fan of the 1920-40s and as such we’re choosing traditional colours to go with our charity shop find G Plan style furniture and furnishings. “When Halfords approached us to review their Kids Zone” (Notice the spelling of Kids not the frustrating Kidz), I was instantly suprised that they had a specific section of their website dedicated to the youngest of the tribe. Websites used to be categorised by department but there’s a significant trend to be devoted to customer experience and the need to the user. With 1000s of different products you need to round them down. There’s a reason I don’t shop at TK Maxx it’s because I don’t want to trawl through 100s of garments when I can think ok, what style do I want, fit and brand and then directly to that shop. You wouldn’t go into a suit shop for swimwear. Ok maybe a Tuxedo One Piece may look cool. So it was incredible to be able to not only filter down, but also gain some inspiration and guidance. Clicking through into the Ride On section I saw it! It was a work of art, the only thing that would do and it made sense that when we got to choose a ride on car from Halfords it had to be the Metal Ride on Car! Bringing back visions of early 1900s automotive, with it’s white rimmed wheels and sleek racing style it not only brings back memories for me of Goodwood Festival of Speed but of watching vintage racing drivers battling it out at the likes of LeMan.

Does it Need any Batteries?

This is the first question that any parent asks themselves when looking at a new toy! Well this needs the power of two feet to go however there are tools that you’ll need! Don’t worry though it’s just a hammer and a Phillips Screwdriver with a smallish head to hold the nuts in place when connect the wheel axels.

How Easy is it to Put Together

As a fairly competent tryer at DIY and an even less accomplished Mechanic I must admit I was hoping this was going to be easy. But I opened the box to see the intricate steering system! Eeek. In reality it was actually very easy. As long as you can follow instructions and look at the images online very carefully you can see how things attach. Something to note: The washer placement on the wheels, you have to screw through the decals for the seat and fuel cap placement.

What are we Going to Call Her/Him?

A bit like the royal baby naming, what are we going to call this 1920’s beauty? I like the name Cecil but there’s Stanley, Albert or Gertrude and Alice hanging in the wings too. For Berty (let’s say Berty), will be waiting under the Christmas Tree this year, fully made and wrapped up ready for Dorothy to go racing around on Christmas Day. Unfortunately I’m slightly over the weight limit but you can only hope that Halfords are bringing out an Adult Version in the near future 🙂 Some great news at the moment pre Christmas the price has been reduced to £40 which I think is an absolute bargain! We’ve wanted one for a long time and £40 for something this quality is an absolute bargain! Click here to read more about the specs. Thanks to Halfords for allowing us to review Berty and rest assured, this Honest Review is completely honest.  ]]>

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