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Important Considerations When Buying and Selling Vehicles

Although it should be an exciting time, I always find that changing car is a stressful process and one which I dread to think about. This is particularly true when you read so many horror stories of poor motorists getting scammed or ripped off in the used car market. In addition to these scams, you also have to think about selling your current car, which car is best for your family, where to buy it from, insurance and the list goes on. Car Valuations When it comes to selling your old car, it is really important that you take the time to establish the value so that you can reach a fair asking price. Fortunately, this does not involve spending hours flicking through the classifieds anymore! Instead, you can use online classifieds to search for the same make, model and year and then find a car that is in similar condition and has a similar mileage. Alternatively, you can use free online valuation tools which are a quick and easy way to reach a figure. These are also handy ways to negotiate if you are buying a used car! Selling Now comes the tricky part – selling! This is not always a great experience, but the internet is a handy tool when it comes to advertising your car and especially places like Facebook. It is also important to show how you have reached your asking price and this will put you in a strong position in the negotiating stage. Another good option is to consider a part-exchange on your new car as this kills two birds with one stone. Cover If you are anything like me then you will want to shop around to find the best deal on car insurance. However, as you know, it is also essential that you are covered anytime that you are behind the wheel. This can be problematic if you have just purchased a car, but this is where driveway insurance comes in. This is a handy type of short term insurance which can (usually) be arranged from anywhere between 1 and 28 days. You are unable to drive off the forecourt without insurance, so consider taking this out if you want to shop around to find the best deals and level of cover but don’t want to wait and potentially lose out on a vehicle. The car buying and selling process is hardly my idea of fun and there are many important aspects to consider, including the above which are often overlooked but crucial if you want a smooth and successful experience.]]>

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