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Take the plunge and take a track day

For car enthusiasts, it can be difficult to find the perfect thing to do on a day off. There are always various car shows available, but what if you want to do more than just stand and look?

What if you want to actually get behind the wheel of a supercar and drive in a way that you would never be able to, normally?

The occasional day off does not normally lend itself to adventure. It is difficult to find the time to travel far, and large events may require more than just a day to be worthwhile. The ideal solution would be an all-day event where you can turn up at any time and spend as long as you wish.

The answer is to attend a track day. They are run and attended by like-minded individuals who are united by their love of cars and racing. These come in a variety of styles suited to all levels of skill. So whether driving on a proper racing track is something you’ve always wanted to do, or it is something you are well versed in, there is always going to be something available.

First thing is first, what exactly is a track day? To put it simply, a track day grants anyone the opportunity to visit and drive around a racing track in a wide variety of different cars. Pretty much anything you expect to find on a track will be there, Corvettes, Lotuses and such. Each of these has to pass a tech inspection, so it is guaranteed that they are track-ready and safe. That way you know they are ready to put in the kind of speeds you would normally only see in a racing situation.

This is not to say that a track day is the same thing as a race. It would be more accurate to say that it is a chance to drive a high performance car in an environment designed for that purpose. There are rules to follow on what can and cannot be done in terms of things like passing other cars. These vary from day to day track to track, so it is always best to look ahead.

While it is not a race, this does not make it an opportunity to show off drifting skills either. It is a chance to drive like a professional, and learn about certain things like What is understeer? and how to avoid racing faults. As you build experience more opportunities will become available, and it will not be long before you can attend track days intended for driving at the highest level only.

The community is always more than friendly and helpful. No matter what you need someone there will be able to oblige. This ranged from spare parts to help with vehicle maintenance, to advise on how to handle different aspects of a given track. They will also be able to tell you about other track days, or other social events to take part in on a day off.


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